Toilet Game Studies

The International Journal of Game Toilet Research

Volume 1 issue 1

November 2017


Our Mission - To explore the rich wealth of game (both digital & analog) toilets; to give scholars a peer-reviewed forum for their ideas and theories on virtual toilets; to provide an academic channel for the ongoing discussions on toilets in gaming.

Toilet Game Studies is a non-profit, open-access, crossdisciplinary journal dedicated to research of toilets within the medium of games, web-published several times a year at

by Steven Harmon

This article examines reasons of interest in video game toilets by means of Survey and a variety of individual interviews with game toilet experts. Additionally addresses game toilets as improving player immersion, changing player & developer expectation, and inclusivity within the gendered and de-gendered spaces of a bathroom. Moreover examines the role of the modern day toilet within our lives both in game and out of.

by Steven Harmon

This article provides insight on the thought process of a game designer when approaching toilets.

by Steven Harmon

This article examines the perspective of an environmental artist's experiences with creating game toilets.

by Steven Harmon

This article examines free to play, pay 2 win, gotcha systems, and other in-game monetization practices in regard to inhumane design and the dehumanization and devaluing of the individual through user experience - and how these practices affect in-game toilet representation.

by Steven Harmon

We're open and welcome to submissions from scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including those from (non-toilet) game studies, queer studies, science and technology studies, cultural studies, and beyond. Please submit!