Why use Google for blended and distance learning?

Google is one of the most convenient and powerful sets of tools to facilitate elearning. The platform is GSuite for Education, which is what Google calls its line-up of applications for education. The GSuite line-up has most every need for a school or higher education institution, from word processing to database mangement.

Things get really easy if your group is already using a Google product like Gmail or Docs, as they are all very well integrated.

I am a Certified Google Innovator, one of the highest levels of certification Google has for educators in technology. I have also given several training workshops and courses on the use of Google for educational purposes. You can contact me for information and inquiries on how I can help your organization.

Google for Education Tools

Gmail (Email Client)

教育機関全体のメールシステムを設定できるほか、Gmail を使ってクラスのメンバーと安全にメールをやり取りできます。

Set up a school-wide or university-wide email system. Or use Gmail to exchange secure emails with your classes.

URL: mail.google.com

ドライブ - Google Drive (Cloud Storage)


Store and organize assignments, documents, or class curriculum securely and access them from any device.

URL: drive.google.com

カレンダー Calendar (Scheduler)


Share calendars or create a joint calendar with members of your class or institution to easily keep track of schedules.

URL: calendar.google.com

ドキュメント、スプレッドシート、スライド - Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides)


Collaborate, share feedback, and work together with your students in real time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

URL: docs.google.com

Can also access with sheets.google.com - slides.google.com - drive.google.com

フォーム - Google Forms (Data Collection)


Create Forms, Quizzes, and surveys to collect and analyze responses with the help of machine learning.

URL: forms.google.com

Google サイト - Google Sites (Website Creator)


An easy-to-use web builder to create sites, host course curriculum, build development skills, and unleash students’ creativity.

URL: sites.google.com/new

note: new and old versions of sites are currently both available

Hangouts Meet (Video Conferencing)


Connect with students virtually through secure video calls and messaging to keep learning going outside of school.

URL: meet.google.com

Google グループ - Google Groups (Message Boards)

クラス フォーラムを作成して生徒に参加してもらえば、クラス内のコミュニケーションや話し合いを促進できます。

Create and participate in class forums to foster communication and conversation.

URL: groups.google.com


課題の作成、生徒とのコミュニケーション、フィードバックの提供を 1 か所で行えます。

Create assignments, communicate with students, and send feedback all from one place.

URL: classroom.google.com