Sarah Hefford

Environment Artist


Published Games

Skills and Knowledge





Environment Building

Prop Modelling

Concepting and Idea Generation

Level Design and Mapping

Playtesting/Bug Reporting

Work History


  • Röki (currently in development)

Prop modelling, level and design support, testing and bug fixing

Abandoned church - props

Churchyard entrance - props

Other areas worked on in greater detail not yet released

2018 INKLE

  • Heaven's Vault

Prop modelling, level building, texturing

Renaki market

Elboreth city

Textures for decorative wall and floor tiling

Elboreth shanty town, prop sets and level construction

2016 - 2018 CYPHERDELIC

  • Unreleased title in development

Level building, textures, tile sets


  • Rigs

  • Killzone Shadowfall DLC

  • Killzone Mercenary

Level building, prop modelling, radar mapping, playtesting/bugfixing

Rio level

Dubai level

DLC map

'The Canyon'

DLC map

'The Statue'

Level construction and destruction

Level construction 'Diplomatic Incident'

Level construction 'Lights Out'

Multi-piece interlockable beam sets

2002 - 2012 SCEE

Environment Artist (2008 - 2012)

  • Little Big Planet PSP

  • Killzone 2

Level design and construction, character creation, DLC costumes and sticker packs.

Designer (2002 - 2008)

  • Studio Concept Group (ideas generation and new IPs)

  • Heavenly Sword

  • EyeToy Play Next Gen

  • 24 The Game

  • Ghosthunter

Level design and building, puzzle design, general mapping, Speedtree, camera set up, level balancing, testing, bugfixing

Level construction, 'The Desert'

'Fruit Salad' DLC costumes

DLC stickers

Character designs

Gun rack

Hospital trolley

Visari blast doors

Burnt out PC

Titles worked on in the role of Designer

  • Camera setup

  • Speedtree

  • Testing/Bugfixing

  • Idea generation and prototyping

  • UI prototyping to find most effective ways to work with EyeToy control limitations

  • Level and puzzle design/mechanics

  • Gameplay balancing

  • Level design

  • Camera setup

  • Waypointing

  • Collision

  • Testing/Bugfixing

  • Cameras setup

  • Context actions

  • Collision

  • Testing/Bugfixing

2000 - 2001 BUBBLE BOY LTD

Development Assistant

Unpublished PS2 title (third person wild west action/shooter)

Brainstorming/idea generation, research and resource gathering, character backstories, testing.

Personal Work

Old Grundig TK25 tape deck modelled after spotting it gathering dust in a junk shop

Designs for additional characters for Nom Nom Galaxy (a quirky game about making soup!)

Chef bot Maurice

Adds a dash of his special herb mix (French, vintage, red) for extra tastiness and customer satisfaction.

Cat-Bot Hoby

Does nothing but sleep. Although rumour has it that Hoby's purring can sooth angry tomatoes.

Dudley and Darren

Spanner in hand, Dudley keeps your machines ticking over. Darren likes to soup them up when Dudley isn't looking.

Sleeping Turnip

Permanently furious, this sleeping turnip is better left alone. Unless your recipe calls for turnip of course....

Alternative DVD cover for my favourite movie

Page from WIP set of pictures depicting favourite places in Cambridge

Multiplayer CTF Quake III level created with GTKRadiant when I was addicted to lunchtime Quake sessions!

About Me

I'm an environment artist with a design background and have been in the industry for well over a decade,

working with both Indie and AAA studios.

I have played computer games since my family purchased a BBC model B when I was 9 and haven't stopped playing them since.

I love being part of a creative team, bringing ideas and environments to life!