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Why are fungal infections so persistent?

Many people are affected by fungal infections. And although a fungal infection usually occurs quickly, treatment usually takes a long time. What Did Users Think of ZetaClear? In many cases the symptoms disappear after a treatment with medication, but unfortunately that success is often only short-lived. laser toenail fungus removal near me

Which types of fungal infections are there?

Fungal infections manifest themselves as athlete's foot, nail fungus, skin fungus or genital fungus. But fungi can also enter the bloodstream via the intestines and in this way even infect individual organs and body parts such as joints or the lungs. That type of fungal infection is usually only recognized late and often such a fungal infection is not considered the cause of the complaints at all. But regardless of the nature of the fungal infection, there are various natural cures and means to permanently get rid of fungi.

Why do fungi return again and again?

Often a fungal infection returns after a treatment with medication:

the skin that turns red and itches;

a foot nail that discolors;

or again a burning sensation in the genital area.

What helps is to fight the cause

It often brings people to despair. Fungal infections must therefore be treated causally. The reason that fungi return after an apparently successful treatment is that anti-fungal therapies only combat the external characteristics of the fungus.

A nail fungus is only fought on the nail, a skin fungus on the skin and a genital fungus is treated with the right medication in the genital area.

Unfortunately, the actual cause of mold is usually not stopped. Instead, stronger drugs are used instead. And that while the cause of a recurring fungal infection is often obvious: fungi often find the ideal acid environment in the patient's body. They find everything they need to grow and multiply rapidly.

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Fungi need an acid environment or diseased tissue

Just as fungi grow in nature on acid soil and feed on dead plants or cadavers, life-making molds in the human body live under similar conditions. They prefer a high acidity and diseased tissue as a food source. If fungi only thrive where they find soured or diseased tissue, then in a fungal infection one can assume that the body of the person concerned offers exactly what fungi need to multiply. In an overly acidified and weakened body they can thrive and grow.

Fungi have a preference for the small intestine

How dangerous a fungal infection actually is, comes to light when the fungus multiplies in the intestine. Because fungi do not need oxygen to survive, they find ideal living conditions in the small intestine. Every food goes directly through the stomach into the small intestine. And even before the valuable nutrients are released to the blood, the fungi have already taken credit. Carbohydrates in abundance and valuable calcium, everything that a fungus needs to be happy. In that case, the person infected with a fungus, depending on the size of the fungal population, has to check it, because there are not so many nutrients left for him.

Zetaclear overview

Strong immune system does not give molds a chance

Normally, the immune system ensures that fungi and other invaders are taken out of action before they can damage our health. If the fungi have nevertheless succeeded in spreading excessively in the body, this usually indicates a weakened immune system of the person concerned. For the weakening of the immune system, incorrect nutrition, long-term stress or regular use of medication can be just as responsible as a chronic disease or heavy metal pollution. Therefore, long-term treatment can only be successful if all those factors are addressed and resolved.

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