How to Manage Your Toddler’s Tantrums

It’s normal for the toddlers to throw tantrums on everyday basis. As a matter of fact, tantrums can actually be beneficial because they help your toddler to get rid of the big emotions which keep bothering him/her. The reason toddlers throw frequent tantrums is that they do not have their frontal cortex fully developed, and hence it becomes impossible for them to control their emotions.

Here, it’s also worth mentioning that there are a lot of instances when you can avoid your kid to throw tantrums. Since tantrums come out due to the feeling of insecurity and powerlessness, your actions in getting those feelings compensated can help you in avoiding tantrums related to those feelings. For instance, child may become powerless against the emotions which generate as a result of lack of inner resources created as a result of hunger and tiredness. Hence, you can prevent these situations to stop your kid from making tantrums.

Think ahead

The most common reasons, for the toddlers to make tantrums, include hunger and tiredness. Therefore, a bit preemptive approach can help you avoid tantrums which come out as a result of these factors. Make sure that your child is properly fed. Tantrums are usually seen in the shopping centers. If it’s the hunger that makes your child to throw tantrums, you should keep something for the child to eat. If it’s the tiredness, you have to make sure that you have given enough resting time to your kid before taking him to the shopping center. When you see signs of tiredness in your child, you can postpone the remaining shopping work for next time.

Give proper attention to your kid

You might have heard about the big feelings that children usually have. These are the very emotions which make children to cry louder. The best way to help a child overcome such feelings is to fill the love tank of the child. Give proper attention to your kid and remain empathetic to your kid no matter what.

Handle the tantrums to avoid escalation

While your child is starting to cry for something, the first thing you can do to avoid a tantrum coming out is to acknowledge the big feelings. This acknowledging is the wonderful trick which works most of the times.

Don’t make your child feel powerless

Sometimes, the big feelings and the resultant tantrums have everything to do with the sense of powerlessness in the child. Instead of getting angry at the child’s ‘no’, you need to acknowledge the feeling of your kid at that time. you might think that you are acknowledging your kid for something wrong, but proving your kid wrong is going to make him feel powerless, which is even more dangerous that acknowledging the kid’s feeling. In fact, you can tell your kid about the right thing when he would not have these big feelings. Your attention and love are the major prerequisites before your child would get convinced.