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A macro of some moss in my backyard, what once was a tree stump is now entirely a moss paradise.

Using the A7 III and the Helios 44/2


Some time has passed since I've done one of these entries, It just got away from me.

This photo is an early morning shot of a student walking in front of the B building on my schools campus (GGC) the contrast and shadows against the early morning light is what appeals to me.


when its cold an dreary, with no good light to be found, this plant grabs my attention as the only intriguing thing in my backyard. Here using a new 135mm f2.8 Rikinon lens, from the film era. the lens is really bad at f2.8 but at f4 you have some usable results.

Not really that great for macro, but what else are you going to do on an overcast day


This was an experimental portrait, by showing the other side of the studio, instead of the very clean set-up that I had for a seamless distraction less background. the lighting was intentional by hitting the back wall with high power, and then adding more contrast to make the model appear brighter than the background.


Just a simple portrait of my brother on thanksgiving day, the Russian lens wasn't too sharp but does make the background much more interesting.

the leaves of thanksgiving day were very good, and may stay around for some more time.


the day before thanksgiving

my father pouring out some honey from the bucket we buy bulk from, it has almost all sugared, and lost its smooth nature.


The 20th also had very little photos, apparently I don't take many when i'm at home.

I do have a photo from the night, where I got inspired to take some astro photos and test out my lens. Suffice to say it was very cold and I didn't try all that hard. Getting past the technical limits of astro-photography are hard when your fingers feel like they want to fall off.


Oddly, it seems I didn't take any photos on the 19th of November, a Monday as I recall. or possibly I have lost that folder of photos somewhere.

Instead here is a film scan that I was either working on that day, or the day after. Possibly the day after.


Sadness behind the tree

This girl was working so well to display the flower upon her crown, but then she fell and was then unable to be consoled.


What is truly happening, I don't know.

This photo is nearly original, but some Photoshop to smooth it out, and expand the canvas was required. but the branch and its reflection are what were originally present in the scene.


When you see bright light, expose for your highlights.


A window to another time,

needs to be reprocessed


Take me to the other place


No, the image is not loading. Its intentionally a 16 color image, which incorporates mosaic pixilation. due to the low number of colors present in the original image the translation is okay

the original image is presented below:


A photo taken of my friends at school, I was helping the guy prepare for his programming test. His girlfriend wen't over the top during a joke, to prevent him from saying something, about how she intentionally cuts the bottoms oh her shirts to make them into crop tops. its a fun example of how a single second can represent so much.


A photo of a man and his son, talking together. A wonderful expression, and the beginning of a new world of walking for the boy. its fun in these moments, as you never know when they are going to happen. But when you see the scenario unfold itself in front of you, instinctively you must capture it.


A photo taken in extreme lighting, although it was accidentally shot in jpeg, which due to the extreme ISO the shot looks a little soft and contains artifacts.

The colors pretty much remain the same to how it was shot due to it only being a jpg, although the contrast in orange to blue and this car vs that makes the shot more intriguing.


A street photo that encompasses the positioning of 4 people, the closest person is out of focus, so processed in black and white so the eye doesn't linger there. everyone in the shot is in movement with one foot floating in the air for each of them. and the raining weather has everyone rushing and looking forward, rather than at their phones.

Taken silently, and really with no composition, just the instinctual timing from the hip.


Really didn't have much to do today, so I decided to photograph this apple in the studio, I used the 44/2 helios, and stopped it down to about 5.6. the photo itself turned out okay, and the colors were interesting.


This photograph was made using a pinhole lens and an A7 III. the dust comes from the sensor, and the optical effects are from moving the pinhole lens around. it wasn't screwed onto the camera so I could move it around freely.

What captivates me is how even though it was I who took the photograph, I still cant see past the Illusion.


Using the Helios 44/2 I was able to create this image with a shallow depth of field, what sets this image apart from the full set was the hint of sunlight that came through the clouds for a few seconds. this back lights the leaves and gives the photo another sense of depth.

this image was created a second prior and is missing the sunlight aspect.