Toronto Online Dance Collective

Toronto dancers and dancers everywhere! Professional teachers from different local studios are coming together to launch the Toronto Online Dance Collective: one shared platform for live online classes so that we can socially connect and dance together while we’re physically distant.

Read on to see the full schedule, FAQ (including how to register for a class), and info about the classes and teachers. We will keep adjusting the schedule and website as more teachers get up and running!


What platform will you be using for classes?

Zoom, which has free apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. You’ll need the app, but you don’t need to sign up for a Zoom account.

Is there a cost?

Yes and no...

For those who are able, we suggest you make a donation - 100% of the donations collected will go to your teachers and any musicians they bring on board. Any donations are by e-transfer to the email addresses listed with the teacher's names below.

For those of you who can’t make a donation right now - we’ve got you. We know lots of people’s jobs are affected, and community is the most important thing right now. Please dance with us no matter what.

How do I join a class?

Email your teacher at least 30 minutes before the class - find their contact info below! Please use the same email address to send an e-transfer to your teacher if you are able to make a donation.

Your teacher will send you the link to the Zoom group 15 minutes before the start time, so look out for an email from them.

And here are a couple of tips: your teacher will be able to see you more clearly if you light yourself from the front and if your clothes contrast with the (plain, if possible) background.

I’d love to teach too! How can I join in?

Send an email to Let us know:

  • A description of the class you'd like to teach (style, level)

  • When you would prefer to teach

  • What might be a reasonable donation for an online class

  • Where and what you normally teach (in person)

  • How to reach you by email + phone (and confirm that we can post that email address on the website, or provide a different one to post)

Will you be using the digital stream or footage for anything?

We will not share or stream whole classes or even whole exercises. We may take some screen shots to spread the word about the Toronto Online Dance Collective, and we may pull together promo videos using short clips from a variety of classes. If a teacher is thinking about sharing choreography online, they will ask for all participants' permission before doing the "final take" so participants can choose to stop their camera if they'd like.

I have another question or suggestion!

Send an email to

Teachers and their Classes

Johanna Bergfelt

Johanna's online Contemporary classes will include a warm up in the centre, a full barre, a centre adage and more. She plans to get her dancers moving as much as possible!

To sign up for Johanna's classes, please email Her suggested donation for an online class is $5.

In person, Johanna teaches contemporary and ballet at In Studio, a regular contemporary classes at TDT (email her for details!), and in the professional training program at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Stephanie Graham

Stephanie's online Theatre Jazz classes will inspire and challenge dancers of all levels. Class will include a warm-up and a final combination. The class combo will be choreography from the musical theatre repertoire and stay fairly stationary to accommodate dancing in your home.

To sign up for Stephanie's classes, please email Her suggested donation for an online class is $7.

In person, Stephanie is the Theatre Jazz Coordinator at Metro Movement.

Jane Gotch

Jane is teaching online GYROKINESIS® classes. The level 1 class covers the basics, establishing the main principles of the work, narrowing the pelvis, decompressing the lumbar spine, and stabilization though contrast. It's good for all levels. The advanced class is geared for Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis teachers and apprentices, students with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis experience, dancers, and teachers of Pilates, yoga, or martial arts - people who are comfortable moving in rhythm and following a pace. This class goes deeper into the principles of narrowing the pelvis, decompressing the lumbar spine, stabilization through contrast, and fun!

To sign up for Jane's classes, please email She offers class on a sliding scale from $0-28, including HST. She can provide receipts for payments $20 or above to submit to CADA.

In person, Jane teaches at Resilient Body GYROTONIC and has guest taught at TDT. She also teaches in the US and provides teacher training.

Kalie Hunter

Kalie's online Jazz classes will begin with a thorough warm-up involving technique, cardio and stretching. Starting with our spine and working our way through the body, we will tone, isolate and work on flexibility. Normally we would do across the floor exercises, but given the limited space we are working with we will go straight to choreography. The beginner jazz will be more directed towards Actor/Singers first and people who have 1-3 years of dance experience. The intermediate/advanced jazz will be directed towards people who consider themselves dancers first. Kalie can’t wait to living room dance with you all!

To sign up for Kalie's classes, please email Kalie would like you to donate whatever you can for an online class.

In person, Kalie teaches at and is co-owner of Metro Movement.

Alison Jantzie

Alison will get your body warm and energized just in time for the weekend. The class begins with a moving stretch series that warms the muscles and gets the heart pumping. This is followed by a core strengthening segment that includes pilates-based exercises that move into a technical centre barre practice. The class will end with a meditative cool down focusing on breath.

To sign up for Alison's classes, please email Her suggested donation for an online class is $5. (Venmo: @ericcoles)

Alison is a performer based in New York, but keep an eye out for her in Toronto, where she has previously guest taught at Metro Movement and the Randolph Academy.

Marc Kimelman

Marc's online Theatre Jazz class will use music from all sorts of backgrounds, not necessarily from musicals. It is a high energy, fun and challenging class that incorporates choreographic styles (including theatre, jazz, and hip hop) that can be seen in many new Broadway shows. Let’s sweat and have fun!

To sign up for Marc's classes, please email His suggested donation for an online class is $8. (Venmo: @MarcKimelman)

In person, Marc has taught and choreographed around Toronto, where he is riding out COVID-19, and beyond.

Phil Nero

Phil's online Broadway Jazz classes will focus on classical jazz technique and vocabulary that would be found in most musical theatre choreography. The level is intended to be intermediate/advanced but all levels are welcome as this class has a heavy emphasis on emotion and musicality, which anyone at any level can work on.

To sign up for Phil's classes, please email He would like you to to donate whatever you can for an online class.

In person, Phil teaches at and is co-owner of Metro Movement.

Avi Silverman

Avi's online ballet classes will be taught at a Beginner/Intermediate level.

To sign up for Avi's classes, please email His suggested payment for an online class is $5, or PWYC.

In person, Avi teaches a range of levels of ballet at City Dance Corps, Living Arts Academy and Zdance Ballet.

Christine Wright

Though based on sound principles of anatomy, Christine's online Ballet barre will focus on movement, flow and musicality, teaching dancers skills that enable them to bring out their own innate abilities. Her Fundamentals class is designed to address issues too specific to deal with in the complex setting of a class, lumbar instability for instance. The class will vary covering different areas and problems throughout the body. It will be helpful if you have a TheraBand, a small hard ball and a foam roller for the Fundamentals class, but Christine will try to design classes that don't require anything and will try to notify participants of classes that do require them. All levels are welcome in all of her classes.

To sign up for Christine's classes, please email Her suggested donation for an online class is $5, or whatever you can donate.

In person, Christine teaches open classes for Peggy Baker Dance Projects. She also teaches Toronto Dance Theater, the School of Toronto Dance Theater, and a restorative class for the National Ballet of Canada.