Tesla Owners Club of NM

The Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico is an organization of Tesla vehicle owners who promote driving Teslas for their enjoyment and to foster the implementation of Teslas and other EVs as the primary vehicles in New Mexico to make it a better and healthier place to live. 

We use Meetup to schedule events like member meetings and road rallies.  Request membership for more info.  Note that Meetup group membership is not the same as TOCNM membership!  (See Membership and Dues below.)

We use Facebook to promote club events, share photos, videos and stories of members and Tesla product information. 

We have rules for courtesy.  If you would like to engage in debate, please use a personal account, not a club account.  Keep interactions relevant and professional.   

Membership and Dues

Become a member in the TOCNM.  
We welcome new members.  Membership includes immediate family.  We offer four months of FREE membership, and after that  your membership expires and you will be asked to pay dues.  After completing the membership form by clicking on the red button, dues can be paid by two ways. 

In accordance with our TOCNM Bylaws, we are collecting dues for yearly memberships.  Membership dues are:
$25/year for a Basic membership
$50/year for a Long Range (premium) membership
$505 - one-time, for a Performance (lifetime) membership.   

Please make your check payable to:

Tesla Owners Club of New Mexico
PO Box 50364
Albuquerque, NM 87181  

Alternatively, send a payment using PayPal  to:  info@tocnm.org  

Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits from being a member.  It gives us some influence through lobbying efforts with the state, discounts on goods and services (planned), assistance with Tesla service problem resolution, educational benefits for club members and the public as well as great opportunities to meet other like minded electric car drivers.

Deals and Discounts

<In progress>

As a club member you get to enjoy discounts we are working on with a number of online and local businesses.  Information and links for discounts when established will be posted on a Discounts page.

Educational Benefits

As a club member, you will benefit from being able to contact other owners and learning from experiences.  We have invited speakers at Zoom meetings on Special Topics such as better use of your car and it's features, upcoming legislation, improvements in NM charger infrastructure, and so on.  

Social Events

Club members get to participate in our in-person social events.  Whether it be scenic drives, Special Topic talks, hook ups with clubs from other states, SuperCharger openings or just meeting at a restaurant for lunch and good conversation.

Owner Support

Have a question about your car or a function?  Getting a message you don't understand?  Being part of the Tesla Owners Club Program, members have access to a network of resources.  More to follow!

What a great group of Tesla Owners of New Mexico!