[Background image: Tiraput Poonpanichkul via Flickr]

This page records any changes made to ULTRASPEC on the 2.4m Thai National Telescope. Please record here any software updates, bug fixes, hardware changes, etc. Please make sure that you make NARIT* and the rest of the ULTRASPEC team* aware of any changes you make PRIOR to making them. If you have to make changes whilst the instrument is in use on the telescope, please ensure that you thoroughly test them well before observations begin on a particular night and that you inform the observers on that night. Click on the top right hand corner of the spreadsheet to open it and view all entries. Issues highlighted in blue in the spreadsheet are those we regard as particularly significant.

This page also explains details of a (fixable) timing problem with some ULTRASPEC data. Please follow the link at the top left of this page for more details.

*In case of a significant change, please email the following people: NARIT operations, Andrea, Apichat, Saran, Ira and Vik

Details of recent changes:

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