TN Green Granny

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Who am I 

Child, sit on down here at the table. Can I get you some tea, coffee or a snack maybe?

I am a granny, momma, wife, sister, niece, daughter, granddaughter, a friend, and an herbalist. I come from a long line of strong women whom I am grateful for every day. 

I come from the type of women who taught you things without you even knowing you were being taught. They were mountain women, miner's wives, farmer's wives, military wives, factory workers, but most of all they were momma's. Their mission in life was to take care of those they loved and teach them to carry on that love and care. 

I will share stories, remedies, and recipes here. I hope we will share a few laughs and brighten some days along the way.  

So Why TN Green Granny?

I was born and raised in Tennessee and I am an herbalist. I have been to many states and even a few other countries, but when it was all said and done Tennessee was home. I love plants. I love the fact that all plants have a hidden life. I enjoy helping others and being able to save them some money. Now I would never say "Don't go to the doctor." Doctors for the most part are wonderful people who have great skills. However, I might say "Did you know that a mix of white willow bark and devil's claw root tinctures will help with pain and inflammation, and it's not so hard on your liver as things you can buy over the counter." Might even tell you a story about the first time our family used it. You might even get a giggle out of the reactions some have had to it.