Minh-Tuan Tran

PhD Student at  Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University 

About Me

Research Interest: Deep Learning,  Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Time Series 

I am currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Dinh Phung and Dr. Trung Le. I received my M.S in Computer Science from KAIST and B.S. in Computer Science from Ton Duc Thang University.

Contact Details

Email: tuan.tran7 (at) monash.edu / tmtuan1307 (at) gmail.com

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Github: https://github.com/tmtuan1307


Monash University
Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence (March 2023 - Now)

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)
M.S in Computer Science (Sep. 2020 - Sep 2022)

Ton Duc Thang University
B.S in Computer Science (Sep. 2013 - Sep. 2017)


Minh-Tuan Tran, Trung Le, Xuan-May Le, Mehrtash Harandi, Quan Hung Tran, Dinh Phung. Unleash Data Generation for Efficient and Effective Data-free Knowledge Distillation. (Under review).

Xuan-May Le*, Minh-Tuan Tran*, Van-Nam Huynh. Learning Perceptual Position-aware Shapelets for Time series Classification. European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases  (ECML PKDD), 2022. (a top tier data mining conference) (Two first authors contributed equally). Source code is available here.

Xuan-May Le*, Minh-Tuan Tran*, Hien T Nguyen. An Improvement of SAX Representation for Time Series by Using Complexity Invariance. Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA), 2020. (IF: 0.86) (Two first authors contributed equally)

Minh-Tuan Tran, Xuan-May Le, Hien T Nguyen, Van-Nam Huynh. A Novel Non-Parametric Method for Time Series Classification Based on k-Nearest Neighbors and Dynamic Time Warping Barycenter Averaging. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (EAAI), 2019. (IF: 6.212)

Minh-Tuan Tran, Xuan-May Le, Vo Thanh Vinh, Hien T Nguyen, Tuan .M Nguyen. A Weighted Local Mean-based k-Nearest Neighbors Classifier for Time Series. International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC), 2017.

Thuc-Doan Do, Minh-Tuan Tran, Xuan-May Le, Thuy-Van Duong. Detecting Special Lecturers Using Information theory-based Outlier Detection Method. International Conference on Compute and Data Analysis  (ICCDA), 2017.


Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS) and Research Training Program Scholarship (RTP), Monash, 2023-Now

International Graduate Student Scholarship, KAIST, 2020-2022

Top 20 Outstanding Students in Ton Duc Thang University, 2016-2017 

NAFOSTED  Grant Program for Research Support Activities 2017