Business Plan Competition

The competition was held in the form of making a Business Plan related to ideas for the creation of products/services by utilizing digital technology and assessing its feasibility. The following are things that must be included in the Business Plan:

    1. The target customer will be addressed along with the reasons,
    2. Products/services that will be made or sold according to the needs of the selected target customers,
    3. Pricing for products or services made by calculating in advance the Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS) of the product and the expected margin,
    4. Distribution channel to be used,
    5. Communication or promotion of potential customers,
    6. Determination of the following company organizational structure job description,
    7. Combining creativity with technology in creating and marketing products,
    8. Business feasibility analysis that will be developed in terms of finance, marketing, human capital, and production/operations,
    9. Strategies that will be used so that products/services will develop and survive in the industrial era 4.0