tmalaw offers its clients increased communication and collaboration with their attorneys and transparency in the legal billing process through “Clio Connect.”

With Clio Connect, each client has access to a secure, virtual platform to view and access case documents, court filings, notices, calendar events, status updates, and invoices. This service gives clients the ability to view documents, upload documents for viewing, view important case deadlines, and view and pay invoices, all in a secure SSL encrypted online environment that preserves important attorney-client privileges.

Please click on the Clio Icon above to log into your secure client case management portal.

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Contact me for an account:

If you are having trouble accessing or do not have an account, please let me know you would like to access documents and bills online. You will receive an email informing you of a new shared document or bill to view. You will need to choose and enter a secure password twice, and agree to the terms of service, before being permitted to register.