TLG Voices




Students have voices and very moving stories to tell but sometimes those stories and voices are not heard. The TLG Voices website is a way to share those stories and show how improving reading, writing, math, computer and workplace skills impacts not only the lives of the learner but the lives of their families, friends, employers and co-workers, and the tutors that work with them.  Hear from learners and tutors how The Literacy Group is helping people in Waterloo Region , one word, one number and one click at a time.  

Are you nervous about going back to school?  Take a tour to see how different learning at TLG can be.

Our students have different goals, skills and challenges.  Listen to them tell you how TLG changed their lives.

Our tutors are the heart of TLG.  They give so much but listen to how much they get back from tutoring at TLG.

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