TJ Lane

Associate Staff Scientist @ SLAC

tjlane [at] slac [dot] stanford [dot] edu // CV

My research focuses on understanding the fundamental physical properties behind enzyme's remarkable catalytic properties. We aim to answer deep questions about this dynamical process by making movies at femtosecond/atomic resolution (ultrafast, ultrasmall). To do this, we use photoenzymes, which enable us to start the enzyme's chemistry with a laser. We can then probe the resulting dynamics by imaging some time later with a femtosecond-long x-ray pulse. This is made possible by the ultrabright, ultrafast x-ray pulses produced by SLAC's 2-mile long x-ray laser, the LCLS.

More information about the research we are pursuing at SLAC is contained in this site. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more, shoot me an email!

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