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Detailed update list (change log)


Spring 2018: TitleDriver now supports the NDI video-over-IP protocol, allowing you to transport a 1080p video signal to your video system simply through a robust network connection. For more info about NDI see http://NDI.newtek.com.

Also note that the separate utility app "LiveTitles Tx" is no longer required. All of the data broadcast functions are now integrated into TitleDriver. Only one application is necessary to broadcast title text four different ways.

2017: TitleDriver 4.1

The application now runs as 64-bit native code, for more responsive performance. •There is now a format command to display text vertically (as with Chinese language). •Editing text directly in the cells of the list is now possible.

2016: TitleDriver 4.0

TitleDriver, now in its sixteenth year, has been updated to use the MacOS Cocoa framework. That means a few stubborn problems in TitleDriver have now been addressed, including the Find/Replace functions, and how styled text is stored. You may notice a slight difference in the timing of fades, (as compared to earlier versions) which you can always adjust to your preference in TitleDriver's Preferences> HotKeys tab.

There is now a preference to draw a thin blue line at the top of Display Windows. This is intended to help newer high resolution projectors lock to TitleDriver's mostly black video signal. On some projectors, when the text occupies such a small portion of the total display area, the size of the image will be misinterpreted, and the projector forces the text to appear in the middle of the projected image. Placing the blue line at the top forces the projector to recognize the correct top of the Display Window.

Note that the search function is available under the magnifying glass icon on the upper right.