Mock Trial

Papillion-LaVista South

This year's case:

State of Nebraska (Plaintiff) vs. Ricky/Ricki Glossner(Defendant)

The charges:

Count 1: Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Count 2: Tampering with Witness or Informant


Mock Trial Competition Bracket 2018

Top of bracket = Plaintiff

Bottom of bracket = Defense

IMPORTANT! Case Corrections as of 10/10/18:

  • Please note that Exhibit #3 - Photo of the Pills and Money has been updated!

The photo now shows that there are 10 pills...not 7

IMPORTANT! Case Corrections as of 10/3/18:

Correction #1:

Pg 12 Line 82: The correct number of calls is 9 - NOT 263

Please note the change from 263 calls to 9 calls

I have reviewed Exhibit #6 which is a true and accurate transcription of one of the 263 calls made by Glossner to Fink.

Correction #2:

Exhibit #4: Ally/Ali's DOB should read 5/20/2000 - NOT 5/20/2008

A new version of this exhibit will be forthcoming.

Correction #3:

Pg 20

The signature of Hayden Jackson was misspelled.

The signature has been corrected to show the proper spelling.

Correction #4:

Pg 3 . We have added a stipulation:

4: The investigation conducted by Officer Drew Wright established that the license plate on the vehicle that left the parking lot at the same time as Fink's arrest was registered to the Defendant’s mother.

Updates were sent out on September 21st to change the number of pills from 10 to 7, but after considerable discussion with the Case Committee it has been decided to reverse one of the corrections.

Pg 11 Line 45

The correct number of pills is BACK TO 10!!! NOT 7.

I opened the baggie and removed an object wrapped in a cellophane-like material, inside of which I found ten small blue-ish pills which based on my training and experience appeared to be fentanyl.

This means that the exhibit #3 stands as is.