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My name is Marte Tøfte. I was born in 1988 and lives in Norway, in Gran one hour north of Oslo, with my four dogs. The dogs and I have our very own house and garden in calm surroundings, only a short walk from endless forests. The dogs and I love exploring the nature surrounding us, going for long hikes in the forests or mountains. We also train and compete in different dog sports, such as obedience, rally obedience and tracking, as well as training tricks. To put it simple, the dogs are my life and I love them to bits!

My first dog was a rehomed pomeranian female, Chibi. I was also foster home for a dog from the animal protecting services for nearly a year, before I took over my mothers curly coated retriever Izma. Soon after, I got my very first puppy! A female Berger des Pyrenées à Face Rase, Pyrenean Sheepdog Smooth Faced, and I was sold! With this breed I truly found the perfect breed for me! A couple of years later, I got the chance to get a male Face rase from a very exiting combination and Zerberus moved in. Before two years had passed, Zerberus had sired his first litter and Iluu became a part of our family. The Pyrenean Shepherds are perfect dogs if you are looking for a middle-sized, active dogs that will join you on every adventure, as well as being very well suited for sporting activities.

O-Bra-Tali's Twix Zelda av Gnizt


brindle female

42,5 cm - natural bobtail

Zelda is my kamikaze-dog, chaos manifested in a striped body and small package, sometimes with more flies than sense in her head. She lives her life to the fullest every day, never backing out from adventures and fun.

Zelda is super sociable. Loves people, especially children, and thinks she is Gods gift to everyone. She might find some big dogs scary, but generally she gets along with everyone.

Zerberus vom Wunderhorn


fawn male

48 cm - natural bobtail (medium length)

Zerberus is my workaholic wonderdog. He is an amazing dog to work with, supereasy to reward and with an unbeatable will to please. He is born and bred to work and would be my shadow wherever I go if he could, always ready for fun!

Zerberus is easy going and mild tempered. He gets along well with people and dogs and loves to cuddle, but prefers to focus on me rather than the surroundings.

Juste un Illusion Petit Norvégien


fawn male

natural bobtail (medium length)

Iluu is the newest member of our family, fitting right in as a sociable, happy-go-lucky puppy. The son of Zerberus loves people and cuddles. <3

Not to forget the fourth fourlegged member of the family

Izma (Hayabusa's Loud Karizma), Curly Coated Retriever born 16.02.2014

Izma is a wonderful dog and the best hiking companion anyone could ever ask for. She was originally my mothers dog, but ended up staying with me after my mother broke her wrists. Izma is not afraid of anything! She has a kind, loving nature and a very stabile and reliable temperament, but is on the same time strong willed and with a lot of hunting instincts. Combined with good size and a strong body, her qualities makes her a wonderful companion in all terrain. Izmas stabile mindset makes her ideal when working with unstabile dogs, as she will stay totally unaffected with fear aggressive dogs in a training situation, making them able to relax in the situation and work with their owner in the prescence of another dog.

Izma had some stomach problems due to severe infection in 2016 and became food sensitive to quite a lot of ingredients after this. She is now retired from competitions and is enjoying life at long walks in the forests and mountains, some tracking and skijoring + pulling the kick sled.

The one that started it all

Chibi, pomeranian born 20.11.2008

Chibi was my first very own dog. She was 13 months old when I got her, and this was her fourth home. She was previously taken from her second home by the authorities and had to many issues for the third home. Chibi was scared of dogs, had a lot of stress, would guard her food and toys and bite if you got to close. She was terrified of being left alone at home or in the car, had patella luxation 3 on both legs and several teeth that needed to be pulled.

Chibi turded out to be an amazing dog! With very clear routines, her separation anxiety could be controlled. Correct diet and excercise kept her patella luxation problem free and I became very found of obedience training as it had an amazing effect on her behaviour.

Chibi competed in obedience class 1 and Rally obedience elite class, as well as training retrieval work and blood tracking. She loved to work! Due to her separation anxiety, she did not handle moving very well and due to my studies we moved several times. After we stayed with my parents for half a year, we came to the conclusion that Chibi would stay when I and the dogs moved again, as she had settled in really well. Now, she is the queen of their house! Spoilt rotten, calm surroundings and due to my mother working from home, Chibi never has to be alone. Best ending!