School Programs

We offer a variety of staff-led or self-guide programs for school classes.

Teacher and Student packets are available for all programs. Reservations must be made by calling:

Hansen Nature Center

(585) 359-7044

Tuesday - Saturday

Please Note: All Field Trips, including self-guides, need to be scheduled with the Nature Center to prevent over-crowding over the park and facilities.

Plants and Animals

(Grades 1st-3rd)

1.5 Hours

Students may take a staff led or self guided nature walk to the four habitats (marsh, pond, woodland and field) found at Tinker Nature Park. At each location students will observe and learn about the different types of plants and animals that may be found in each habitat. During the walk, not only will students be looking for wildlife but also signs of wildlife. Following the hike students will be able to visit the Hansen Nature Center.

This is a spring or fall activity.


(Grades 3rd - 5th)

1.5 Hours

Students will learn about honeybee biology, importance of honeybees in the environment, role in pollination and agriculture. Students will also learn about beekeeping, the components of the hive, tools of the trade and honey productions.

Habitat Study

(Grades 4th-5th)

2.0 Hours

The woodland and field are studied by teams of students that record their data and observations on a work sheet. Plant and animal adaptations and interrelationships are emphasized.

This is a fall activity.

2018-2019 School Year


We are no longer accepting cash from school districts.

Rush-Henrietta School District

No charge.

Schools outside of RH District

$2.00 per student (up to 2 Hours)

$3.00 per student (2 - 3 Hours)

Checks or Purchase Order made payable to:

Friends of Tinker Nature Park/Hansen Nature Center

Renting the Tyler Pavilion for Lunch

$50.00 flat fee