Timothy Craig Fant

Timothy Craig Fant is a disruptive business professional who is passionate about world travel. Infusing philanthropy in his tour around the globe, he hopes to support charities in numerous communities.

Adventurous in nature, Timothy Craig Fant embarked on his tour of the world many years ago. Originally an act of leisure, the travel enthusiast has discovered that exploring other countries has many benefits!

So far, Fant has visited almost every country in the European Union. His passport is decorated with stamps from Italy, Greece, Norway, France, England and Ireland. Although he has a long way to go before setting foot in every country on each continent, he has already taken home several valuable life lessons from each trip.

Timothy Craig Fant World Travel

According to world traveler, Timothy Craig Fant, culture largely shapes an individual’s personal and professional identities. In any industry, respecting cultural differences goes a long way when establishing valuable business relationships. From networking to securing deals, understanding an individual’s cultural influences makes a lasting impact. Culture is the foundation of any identity. From a person’s interests to his/her ethnic background, culture shapes the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind every action. Through his travels, Fant develops unique perspectives by embracing the different approaches present around the world. As a philanthropist, he also hopes to connect with charitable organizations that maintain international reaches.

Timothy Craig Fant Make-A-Wish

Charity Work & Philanthropy

On the local level, Timothy Craig Fant focuses his philanthropic energy on initiatives that benefit youths. In the past, he has organized and hosted charity events that have benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His most recent event resulted in a generous donation of $20K to grant 'wishes' for children facing critical life-threatening illnesses. Fant hopes to continue his cause by hosting events that will help promote the incredible efforts of nonprofits that boost the spirits and morale of young children in their battles against cancer and disease.

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit foundation that facilitates life-changing 'wishes' for children with critical illnesses. The goal of the organization is to inspire positive thought so that young patients can fight their health battles with added support. Timothy Craig Fant has long supported Make-A-Wish. He believes that 'granting wishes' makes a major difference in the lives of children who have faced the grueling hardships of a life-threatening diagnosis. Even the process of life-saving medical treatments and procedures often take quite a toll. Understanding this, Fant hopes to inspire children to continue their fight and stay strong! He looks forward to becoming directly involved with Make-A-Wish, by organizing more events and volunteering.