Mr. Gregory

Technology Education

About Me

I have been a Tech Ed teacher at Heritage since the school opened. Before then I taught middle school in Frederick Co, VA. I graduated with a BS in Technology Education from Oswego State in NY. I completed my Masters in Computers in Education at Shenandoah University.

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Course Expectations

This year I'll be teaching CAD, Materials and Processes, Manufacturing, and Robotics.

Materials and Processes - Hands on lab course where students learn how to work with various materials including wood, metal and plastic.

Manufacturing - This hands on lab course expands on the knowledge gained in Materials and Processes. Students learn manufacturing processes, safety, and product development.

Technical Drawing - Students will learn the basics of Computer Aided Drafting and solid modeling. The two programs that students use are AutoCAD and Inventor.

Robotics - This hands on course involves building and programming a VEX robot plus using Arduino and RaspberryPi.