The Forsythe Saga

I am no longer maintaining my photo gallery and genealogy website, however family members can download it in its entirety, or in part, onto their home computers for continued access. Access to the files is granted to authorized users only (family, relatives, etc. - you know who you are). If you are not able to sign-in, email me directly and I'll send you an invite.

The website, a collection of simple text-based HTML files, has been compressed into a single distribution file ( Download the file and copy it to your folder of choice. After you extract it, you can double-click on the launch file (saga.html) to view the website in your browser. In an effort to keep the installation as small as possible, all images are located in the cloud.

Additional distribution files have been provided for the complete Photo Gallery and for a pre-1980 version of the Photo Gallery. These websites are significantly smaller, and either one may be sufficient for those interested in the Photos only. All distribution files can be extracted into the same folder.