Election Day is Tuesday November 3rd. We have answers to your questions for voting in the Commonwealth. Check below to learn how to register to vote, restore voting rights for former felons, and the different options for casting your vote this year.

Am I able to vote?

If you want to vote, you'll want to make sure you have up to date voter registration.

To make sure that your voter registration status is active, click here.

How can I register to vote?

To register to vote in Kentucky, click here. The deadline to register online is October 5th.

What if I lost my right to vote?

In 2019 Governor Beshear restored voting rights to thousands of Kentuckians. If you’ve lost your right to vote due to past felonies in Kentucky you can see if your rights have already been restored by clicking here.

If your rights have been restored you will need to update your voter registration as well (see above).

Can I get my right to vote back another way?

If your name didn’t appear after completing the previous page, you can see if you are eligible to apply for the restoration of your rights by clicking here.

  • Follow the prompts to determine if your situation allows for restoration.

If you are eligible, find the paper application for restoring your rights to vote here.

Can I vote from home?

Yes! Anyone with concerns about voting in person due to COVID-19 may request an absentee (mail-in) ballot. The deadline to apply is October 9th, ballots will be mailed in mid to late September.

  • To apply for an absentee ballot, click here.

  • To make sure that you have completed the absentee ballot application, click here.

For your vote to be counted you have to make sure it arrives on time:

  • Mail in ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd and arrive by November 6th

  • If you are concerned about placing your ballot in the mail, there will be drop boxes at each county clerk's office where you can drop off directly that are collected at 4:30pm daily. To find your nearest county clerk, click here.

Can I still vote in person?

Yes! Every county in Kentucky has polling locations to vote in person. Due to COVID-19 the number of polling places has been reduced, but the state will have Early In Person Voting:

  • Early Voting will begin October 13th last for 3 weeks, Monday-Saturday up to the date of the election

  • Every county in Kentucky will have a polling location. To find polling places in your county, click here.

What will be on my ballot?

Click here for an interactive tool to help you see what will be on your ballot and to learn more information about candidates relevant to your location.


What time can I vote?

Polls are open from 6 AM until 6 PM local time Monday through Friday

Saturday Hours TBD

What do I need in order to vote?

All you need is valid photo identification. You can show a driver's license, photo ID card, military ID or U.S. passport.