Time for Writing

There have been many, many bad aspects to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, and I'm sure I don't need to list them here. But time away from the usual bustle and busyness of normal life can also offer opportunities: to learn a language; master that musical instrument that's been languishing in the loft; or read a multivolume, doorstop of a novel, like War and Peace, Remembrance of Times Past, or A Dance To The Music of Time.

A break in the normal routine can also provide an opportunity to write as well as read. But just like learning Italian or grappling with the saxophone, writing can be much easier and more rewarding if you've got some clear starting points and if you can share the experience with others. That's what these webpages are intended to provide: some suggestions for starting pieces of writing, and also somewhere to share your writing with others.

In these web pages I'll be sharing some writing games and exercises I used when I was teaching, and some which arise from, or relate to passages from scripture or other religious texts, and which I hope people of faith might especially enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these starting points, and please do share your writing by emailing your poems, stories and other pieces to me: mick@mickgowar.net

Enjoy your writing.