Tim Aylsworth


I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am writing my dissertation on Kant's concept of freedom (focusing on both his practical and theoretical works). I am particularly interested in his claim that we cannot comprehend how freedom is possible. I think this is an important point that has been underappreciated in the secondary literature. You can read more about it on my research page.

Although my area of specialty is Kant, I am interested in early modern philosophy more broadly; I am especially fond of Leibniz, Spinoza, and Hume. I have also done quite a bit of work in ethics and ancient philosophy.

I started teaching as an MA student Texas A&M in 2008, and I continued at UW-Madison in 2010. I have taught a variety of courses including formal and informal logic, ethics, intro, ancient, and modern. I'm passionate about teaching, and my enthusiasm for it has resulted in great student evaluations and a handful of awards. Check out my teaching page for more information.

My CV is available here.

When I'm not studying or teaching philosophy, I'm probably pursuing one of my many hobbies: music, tennis, running, cycling, cooking, the board game go, and learning languages. You can find out more about my hobbies here.