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Welcome to my home on the web

I take this opportunity to welcome you all to my home on the web. I do hope you are all safe and keeping well with your families.

I'm a music lover and amateur performer by passion and an Information Technology Specialist by profession. I wish to share a glimpse of my musical journey and my interests with you.

I was born in Calcutta, the City of Joy. This city is a 'Treasure Trove' and to understand the true heart of this ‘Tilottoma’, I would urge you all to look at her closely. You will find her to be beautiful and vibrant, unique in the confluence of yesterday’s splendour and tomorrow’s promises. Even after all these years, I am a true 'Kolkatan'. I have enjoyed living in this city and am still loving every moment of it.

I spent my childhood in a musical atmosphere. My father was my first Guru. He taught me basics of Indian Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet, songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam and Himangshu Dutta.


I trained under Acharya Chinmoy Lahiri, a well-known personality, performer and trainer of Indian Classical Music and later his son, Sri. Shyamal Lahiri from the age of 15.

Eager to explore Tagore's songs, I trained under my Gurus, Sri Subinoy Roy and Smt. Maya Sen. I, also successfully attained the "Geetabharati" Degree from 'Gitabitan', a renowned Institution in Kolkata.


Bengali Modern Songs or 'Adhunik Gaan' has always interested me and attracted my attention. During my early years itself  Gramophone Records, Cassettes and very importantly All India Radio broadcasts enriched me, moreover, though for a short span, I also went Sri. Biman Mukhopadhyay to get a formal Training in Bengali Modern Songs.


However, my musical journey came to a standstill for a few years due to professional reasons. Here, if I did not mention my friend, Sri. Sujoy Sarkar, my acknowledgements will be left incomplete. It was he who reunited me with my passion but unfortunately I lost him on the way. I am sure, he will definitely smile as he watches me sing from the clouds above and wishes me luck always!

After a break of almost two decades, I went back to learning again. I consider myself lucky to have got the opportunity to meet Sri. Kabir Suman and learn music from him since November 2015. The journey since then has been extremely enriching for me. With him, it is not just learning a song or a raga, but it is learning to see music itself in a different way, re-discovering music from many different aspects, knowing the links and references within a song or a composition, feeling the presence of music in almost everything and everywhere. And, I feel fortunate and grateful!

I was privileged to get an opportunity to share the stage with the legend Sri. Kabir Suman while celebrating the 25 Years of Kabir Suman's Album “Tomake Chai” at Kalakunj, 22nd April 2017. It was like a dream come true for me! 

Some of my mentionable performances are – Haldia Utsav, Kasba Utsab, Birth Centenary Celebration of Soumendra Nath Tagore, West Bengal Book Fair. I also performed in programmes with Sri Subhendu Maity, Smt. Sanghamitra Gupta, Sri Pratul Mukhopadhyay. My performances have been broadcasted from All India Radio, Doordarshan and leading FM Radio Channel.


Working with Sri. Pratul Mukhopadhyay has also been a fulfilling experience for me. His presence and rendition of songs, inspired, influenced and enriched me to a great extent. 


The year 2012 marked the first release of my CD album "Aangey Bajichhe Banshi" from Ananyo Music with co-artist Smt. Sara Chattopadhyay.

I started my school life in "Alor Parosh", a nursery school, later moving to Jagadbandhu Institution followed by New Alipore Multipurpose School. I graduated from Netaji Nagar Day College and also successfully completed an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Computers & Information Management from Uptron Academy of Computer Learning. I am grateful to my respective alma maters for making me the person I am today, personally and professionally. 


My father and my idol, Sri. Bibhuti Nath Gupta (1st February 1925 - 16th January 2011), a teacher of a renowned educational institution by profession and a vocalist. A man of principles, he was one of the survivors of the Bengal famine of 1943 had also witnessed the last journey of Rabindranath Tagore.


My mother, Smt. Indira Gupta (20th August 1933 - 7th February 2009), a fervent reader, and an accomplished author and was a perfect homemaker. Her articles and poems were published in different magazines like Sandesh, Desh and Jugantar. She has always been my inspiration and my foremost motivator for guiding me to accomplish what I am today.


Gopa (27 June 1974 - 30 April 2021)  joined me in my journey in 1996 and has been a nice, loving, and caring mother to our daughter Damayanti (Tupur), who was born in the year 1998.  Damayanti completed her Master’s in Education followed by B.Ed. from Calcutta University. I try to see the world anew with her next-gen eyes.

And finally, my hearfelt gratitude to all my well-wishers, friends, colleagues, accompanists, recordists and all those who have been encouraging me to move on with my music so far.