Nevera Wars Card Game

Nevera Wars is a deck construction card game set in the world overrun with necromancers and undead. Players construct a deck of undead minion cards and then use their minions' varied abilities to destroy their opponent.

We are undermining the usual stumbling blocks of deck construction games to give you a satisfying, competitive and varied experience:

  • All minion cards can be played face down as resources, meaning there is no possibility of resource screw or flood.
  • Minions have the abilities and spells, so players are always able to take actions on their turn.
  • No rare or under-powered cards; every card is designed to be competitive and viable.
  • You can summon a minion, ascend it, and use its abilities in the same turn for big comebacks.
  • Shift play style any time, harass your opponent, buff yourself, or just deliver a big swing!

Risk and Reward

  • Ascending a minion will increase its power, but will be worth more points to your opponent.
  • Placing a card face down as a resource will increase your options now, but will be one less minion to fight for you later in the game.
  • Do you play several cheaper abilities with risks attached, or fewer expensive abilities with sure outcomes?

Art and Inspiration

  • Nevera Wars has a very particular aesthetic, designed to be dark but not muddy, horrific but not gory, and haunting but human.
  • Visual influences include Dark Souls, Castlevania, Legacy of Kain, Lovecraft, Guillermo del Toro.
  • An important design philosophy has been to make our illustrations inclusive and representative of the diverse individuals they might have been in life.

Developer: Daniel Bishop

Illustrator: Matheus Graef

Graphic Design: Scott Nicely