Nevera Tales Comic Book

Nevera Tales is a fantasy horror comic book series which tells the stories of characters in Nevera, a world overrun with necromancers and undead. Only few humans remain battling to survive against the undead hordes as necromancers grow ever more powerful.

Issue One is a tale told by the vampire Aston, as he recounts his capture at the hands of Lord Kunares and confinement in the castle dungeons. As decades pass, the dungeon appears to be more than it first seems, and Lord Kunares' granddaughter Elisa might hold the key to Aston's freedom.

Audio Book

Nevera Tales Audiobook.mp3

In 2016 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the first issue of Nevera Tales, and are looking forward to bringing you the continuation of this story.


World Comicbook Review

"Given Mr Bishop’s manifest talent for horror we are surprised he raised so little. This story is deliberately and carefully smeared with foulness. We applaud Mr Bishop’s tradecraft. "

Captain Comicbook

"Author Daniel Bishop writes compelling prose... There is a lot of potential in this world for so much more material."

Writer: Daniel Bishop

Illustrator: Marek Jarocki

Cover: Doug Hoppes