Tiger Crab Studios is an independent creator and publisher focused on great story-telling and creative collaboration.

We are working on video games, board games, comic books and more. Currently all our projects are set in the fantasy horror genre and produced with the power of Kickstarter.

The White Room Author Interview

Development Blog

Click here to visit the Tiger Crab Studios Development Blog, full of useful advice and stories behind the creation of the projects.

Nevera Wars Card Game

Nevera Wars is a deck construction card game where players create their own deck of undead minions

Nevera Tales Comic Book

Explore a more intimate side of Nevera as the Nevera Tales comic books

Nevera Wars App Game

Nevera Wars will also be published as an app game and web game to allow more people to experience the game before deciding to purchase a physical copy. There will be a campaign mode and online multiplayer.

Nevera Legends Video Game

Nevera Legends is a monster collection RPG, players will travel across the world of Nevera in search of restoring their friend back to full life after a resurrection was performed catastrophically. But will the power to undo the mistake be worth the price?