Thunder Simutrans Server

Updated August 2018

Welcome to the Thunder Server!

Server Name / IP Address: (for new DTX PAK)

( (Old DT PAK)


Version info

Simutrans Version: 120.2.2 r8163

The new version 120.2.3 isn't in use here yet as there isn't a Mac OS version available. You can find 120.2.2 here:

Specifically the Windows version:

Mac version:

New DTX PAK File

Similar to the old PAK, but with more add-ons. Narrow Gauge trains have been added. The map used on the server has much more interesting geography and regions.

To download the PAK click here

Old DT PAK File

PAK 128 with some French & Japanese Add-Ons. The game is still running! The map may be reset soon.

To download the PAK click here.

To download either file, click the download icon that appears in the top right of the window.

Extract the ZIP file, and copy the folder to your Simutrans folder

Joining the Game

Once you have installed the PAK, launch Simutrans and select the PAK called "PAK128.DTX". Create a new game to bring up the screen below and select "Play Online".

Manually enter the server corresponding name:


and click "Query Server". Then click "Play Online".

After joining the game, bring up the "Options" window and select "Players".

Select an empty slot and set it to "Human". Click the green button to name the company and set a password (so that no one else can play that company besides you).


  • Start things off small. Pick a single industrial chain with close-by factories to start off with. If you start off building a large network, you could bankrupt yourself before it starts to become profitable.
  • Remember that tracks, stations, powerlines, etc cost money to build AND maintain each month. The maintenance cost is the number in parenthesis (). Start off with slower (cheaper) tracks then upgrade later once you have become profitable. Similarly with electric trains, the overhead power lines or third rail add to your monthly costs, so consider not starting with electric trains.
    • Consider starting with cargo instead of passengers. Passengers can need a decent sized network to be profitable for your company.
    • Monitor your finances within the game. Take a look at how much you're spending and making profit both year to year and month to month.