Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is the open source application and can be downloaded by any user for free. It provides many amazing features through which users can manage their email activities.

Features like:

  1. It provides free space to save emails.

  2. With the use of the Thunderbird application, users can send emails and receive emails from other users.

  3. Manage various attributes of emails such as attachments, hyperlinks, images, and other details of emails.

  4. It also contains options to manage contacts, calendars, etc.

Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook provides all required options and sections through which users can manage their email database with the user-oriented GUI. Along with the MS Outlook application, Microsoft allows users to utilize other applications of Microsoft which makes it easier for all users to retain their emails with various applications.

Features of MS Outlook Application

  1. Provides all options to users through which a user can manage emails in a proper manner.

  2. The structure of files and folders is simple to understand and find a particular email.

  3. Options to get emails on the local hard drive so that users can secure their email data on the external devices.

  4. Access to various other apps of Microsoft.

Features of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Now, its time to figure out the features of the Thunderbird to Outlook Converter solution which is the most downloaded software around the world. No matter if you are a professional user or non-professional user as this perfect software can be used by all users of Thunderbird as well as MS Outlook application.

  • It is simple to understand the steps of this software as it provides simple GUI so that every user can perform this process and get their Thunderbird emails to Outlook file format.

  • Retain all structural elements so that users can view and read their converted files with the save view of files.

  • No issue of data loss as the tool is tested with limitless Thunderbird email files.

  • Can convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook file format directly from Thunderbird Default Profiles. Or you can also have the option to choose only the required Mailboxes or Profiles.

  • Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST with all data through a single time procedure.

  • Windows OS based computer system is supported for this software as it can easily work with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Steps of Thunderbird to Outlook PST Converter

Step 1. Download the CubexSoft Thunderbird to Outlook Converter.

Step 2. Select the Thunderbird Mailboxes/Profiles or just choose the option to load Thunderbird emails automatically from the default Thunderbird profile.

Step 3. Preview all loaded files and then select Outlook PST as your output option.

Step 4. Utilize the filtration options and split PST option and then select the path where all converted files will going to be saved.

Step 5. Press the Export tab to start the process to convert Thunderbird to Outlook.

Convert Thunderbird Emails to Outlook - Free

If you have some Thunderbird emails to convert them into PST file format, then you can utilize this software for FREE. You can download it and then follow the instructions to install the software.

After that, you can follow the steps of the tool to convert Thunderbird emails to Outlook with the first 20 Thunderbird emails.

You can also try this version of the software to understand the procedure of the software and the relevancy of all converted items. For the process to convert the complete Thunderbird emails along with all contacts and calendars you need to utilize its licensed edition.