Thumbnail Blaster Review

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Thumbnail Blaster was developed by Stoica, a famous and best-selling Internet entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience who has created global hits such as Video Spin Blaster, which has sold tens of thousands of units worldwide. It's known for creating professional quality solutions and I expect nothing less than Thumbnail Blaster.

All you get with the Thumbnail Blaster purchase today:

  • Create unlimited thumbnails

  • 30 miniature templates

  • Amnesty International. An engine for customizing templates

  • Drag and drop editor

  • Total freedom to edit and customize

  • Cleavage test unit

  • A library of more than 1000 graphic elements

  • Works with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or any video platform!

  • Free updates and support

It is a cloud-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere with access to the internet and your browser to start designing eye-catching thumbnails and clicking on any video. With Thumbnail Blaster, even marketers without design knowledge or graphics software can create "Click-Bait" thumbnails like all the major YouTubers.

The advantages and superior features of the thumbnail magnifier

Easy to use :

No need to pull your hair in trying to learn Photoshop or other complex styling tools

Automatic creation :

After starting to use THUMBNAIL BLASTER, we got 3 times more views, visitors and leads.

Drag and drop :

You can drag and drop anything, change its size, change text and fonts, and add new elements

30 blocks :

We know there's no one size fits all ... anywhere, whatever ... we've got you covered! PLUS our generic templates and bait click templates can be used on any NICHE!

Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster Review

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