Thumbnail Blaster Review

What is a thimble blister?

Thumbnail Blaster is the latest AI-powered app that can help you create stunning, eye-catching thumbnails in three easy-to-use steps for any type of video.


Features you can use after purchasing this application may include:

Drag and Drop: This app will allow you to resize, drag and drop anything, insert new elements along with changing the subject colors, text, fonts and layouts simply at the click of a button. This way it allows you to change everything even if you do not know how to design something.

Easy to use: This app can be easily used to create stunning and eye-catching thumbnails without experience using complex design tools like Photoshop etc.

Design Elements: You do not have to spend a lot of money on inventory of design elements like images to create high quality thumbnails because this app provides a constantly improved library of high quality images and design elements.

Huge library of cool templates - this app will provide you with a wide range of templates in over a hundred categories that you can choose according to your needs.

Automated Process: The Thumbnail Blaster automation feature can help you get more than three traffic, views and leads.

Post on YouTube: The beautiful and eye-catching thumbnails created with the help of this app can be instantly posted on YouTube at the click of a button.

Ways to use breast amounts

You can use the Blaster thumbnail to create thumbnails for your videos in three simple steps like:

Choose a template - You can browse different templates on different topics or niches after opening this software. You can choose for yourself a template that is relevant to your topic or allow the AI ​​to do it for you.

Design and edit your template: This app offers you various design elements and tools to help you design your template by adding a custom image or using its drag-and-drop feature to design your template. The AI ​​system of this app can also design a template for your video.

Post Thumbnail: You can post your thumbnail, once you have created it by designing or editing, simply by clicking the Post button. Your thumbnail will be automatically posted to an existing video on your YouTube channel.

The price of the THUMBNAIL blush

The original price of the miniature Blaster is $ 97, but you can currently purchase it at a discounted price of $ 37. You will need to use the "Blaster37" coupon to get the $ 60 discount. This is a one-time payment. You do not have to pay a monthly fee to use this app. This will greatly reduce the cost of creating the thumbnails for your YouTube videos. But after this discount period you will have to pay $ 97 or $ 47 per month as a membership fee for Thumbnail Blaster.

The pros and cons of the iron bladder


Blaster Thumbnail is based on artificial intelligence that allows you to use it even without having any experience using it.

It is backed by a 30/60 day money back guarantee.

The money back guarantee allows you to use it without any risk as you can return your money if you are not satisfied with its performance

Your videos on YouTube can gain popularity with the experienced templates provided by this app

You do not need to download and install this app on your system to use it, as you can start using it only by clicking on its icon.

You can legally comply with the rules of the YouTube Channels by using this software because it includes the analytics algorithm of this channel.


You can only use Thumbnail Blaster if you have an internet connection.

It cannot be used, saved and edited offline as an internet connection is required to do all these things.

You can reduce the use of your intelligence due to the presence of artificial intelligence in this application.

Thumb blister bonus

The Thumbnail Blaster app offers two bonuses to its users like:

Live Training Seminar: This bonus allows you to join a free training seminar so that you can get the best results after using this app.

Video Ranking Machine: This is another Thumbnail Blaster bonus that will allow you to get the highest score for your YouTube videos on Google simply through your YouTube account and Thumbnail Blaster.

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Blaster Thumbnail Blown is worth a try as it is a licensed software application instead of a scam. It has positive reviews and reviews that prove that this is a real company.

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