Canadian Unitarian Council’s

Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide

Introduction to All Guides


We are so pleased to share these materials with you. We offer this THRRG in humility, and look forward to improving this resource over the coming years as we share with each other as part of this Canadian UU learning community.

We acknowledge the traditional territories upon which we gather across this country. For many thousands of years, the Indigenous peoples have sought to walk gently on this land. They offered assistance to the first European travellers to this territory and shared their knowledge for survival in what was at times a harsh climate. We seek a new relationship with the First Nations, Métis and Inuit of this land, one based in honour and deep respect.

This THRRG Home Page is available for you to read through so you can understand more about this resource. In this Introduction to All Guides website, you will find:

  • Background to this project
  • Facilitator Preparation information
  • Facilitator Resources
  • Reflection Guides - overviews for the THRRG for the various age groups:

Lower Elementary (ages 6 to 8)

Upper Elementary (ages 9 to 13)

Youth (ages 14 to 18)

Young Adults (ages 19-35)

Adult (19 and up)

Film Guide

May the Spirit of Life guide us in the work we are undertaking to seek truth, healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples on this land. We are interdependent in the earth’s web of life and we are grateful for the privilege to serve in this way. Amen. Blessed Be.

The CUC’s Truth, Healing & Reconciliation Reflection Guide Task Force:

Rev. Samaya Oakley and Rev. Meg Roberts (co-chairs), April Hope (CUC staff), Amber Dawn Bellemare, Marlene Blake Seale, Leslie Kemp, Casey Stainsby (members)