Chapter 7 - Scouting The Tower

Luna's plant has grown. 12 berries with little faces on them.

Two-edge and Billiam stay behind.

Bynx writes this letter and puts it in the desk with the green feather (black ink, turns green on the page). Put Bynx quill in the magic ink, and it dissolves. Bynx's ink only smudges when used with the green feather.

Bynx sends this with green quill and black that turns green ink.

"Students are leaving Hamlet at dawn. Will recon route from hamlet to ranger hideout. Plan to stakeout ranger hideout. Have no intention to engage patrols. No intention to engage rangers at this time.

- WS"

One of the berries has swelled up to the grape size. Red on one end. Green on the other end. Ugly baby face-like.

The party rests.

When we wake, we are in a bed, not a bunk bed. We had gone to sleep in bunk beds. All other bunk beds are gone in each of our rooms. In the center of the room, there is a little patch of grass, bluish, greenish, like the size of a cup holder. It is like a carper or rug.

Luna looks at it. It looks like wool. It is attached to the floor in Emerys's room. When she tries to cut it with a knife, it doesn't work.

The party leaves and marks the entrances with rocks (specified on Discord)

Emerys casts Pass Without A Trace before we leave.

Kriv, Emerys, and Luna are in front. 30 feet behind and 30 feet apart are two teams of two. Bynx and T'Chell are one. Juice and Kallista.

The party leaves.

It takes 45 minutes to get to the half a mile to the dried creek bed. It is about 15 feet wide. Been dried for a long long time. We walk on the south side of the creek bed. It winds and bends through the forest.

Emerys does not see any specific tracks other than deer.

There are mountains behind us. The creek would have flowed north, running east to west. Luna determines that the water flows from the west toward the east.

From our hamlet to the ocean (across the forest) is approximately 60 miles.

We go east.

It is now late morning. The light is different. There is a large clearing in front of us. We hear a breeze blowing. We smell the wind blowing. It smells like exposed soil.

We stop and crouch and listen. We hear a snap.

Emerys, Luna, and Kriv see, ahead of them, behind a fallen log, they see the head of a hooded figure looking for where the sounds are coming from. He can't seem to see us. They see the front edge of a crossbow in a low ready position. Top of the cloak is green covered with fur. He is in the creek bed. The wide clearing is behind him.

He flops down in the dirt. We creep away and come to a clearing. Luna turns into a squirrel and climbs up a tree. She see a large dried up lake. The ground is mostly broken and silted. There are clumps in it, like islets in it. In the center of one is the tower in the middle of the lake area.

In the sky above her, Luna hears a singing voice. It is flying. It has feathered wings with orange and black in them. It has a deer head, bird body, with a snakey-tail.

It is about noon.

Luna sees its shadow. It is a shadow of a silf. Luna leaves it alone and comes back down. She turns back into herself.

T'Chell gets the sense of evil. He casts Thaumaturgy to tell everyone else.

There is an obelisk, very large, by the tower.

Luna turns back into squirrel mode and climbs up the tree. We creep up to the tree line. Around 30 minutes one of those creatures fly by. Each time it flies over, T'Chell senses evil. The shadows change, sometimes a silf, sometime a sprite, sometimes a gnome, sometimes an elf. There are variations in the markings. She thinks there are more than one.

When it gets to dusk, we hear the howls of wolves. They are mechanical sounding. They are coming from the woods around us. All the animals go silent.

Green lights streak from the edges of the lake bed and hit the obelisk. A moment later, the reverse happens. Light then shoots back out from the obelisk into the forest.

Juice and Kallista see a light shoot out from the dude in the creek bed and then another one shoot back. A new person is there. Bynx thinks it might be a less than a dozen lights.

The runes on the stone are in infernal.

Within the center of the lake, we hear one final howl coming from the tower.

Then it gets dark, all at once. We no longer hear any animals.

No light comes from the tower.

We find human sized foot prints, big wolf footprints, and big chicken-like footprints.

Luna no longer sees the things flying around.

The prints are not draconic.

Some footprints are fresh, others are not. Emerys knows that there are hundreds of tracks and none go into the lake bed.

As we discuss what to do, we hear a team of horses. About 40 feet away we see three, large centaurs galloping near us. They seem to be coming to the lake (about 50 feet away).

Bynx says, "Hey, look at those creatures!"

They turn in our direction. They are carrying axes wearing green armor.

Luna casts entangle and catches two of them.

Juice casts his spiritual weapon, which is a heart.

One hits juice with an axe.

Bynx walks forward saying why are we fighting. He readies Magic Missile.

The centaur barks out something in Sylvan.

Luna and Emerys yells out not to hit it. It's not good or bad.

Kriv rushes forward and casts Thunderwave knocking both the Centaur and Bynx back 10 feet.

Kallista readied an action, if it hits Kriv, she will fire.

T'Chell hits it with his flail.

Luna says something in Sylvan and puts her hands up.

Juice cures herself.

Emerys fall unconscious hit by a stone from the Thunderwave.

Centaur attacks T'Chell and misses. Kriv hits him hard and Bynx unleashes magic missile.

Bynx yells to Luna, "Are we fighting?" and she says, "They want the rangers."

Bynx trusts Luna bows, kneels, and casts Levitate. He realizes this might be a way over the lake to the tower.

Kriv drops his weapon.

Kallista readies an action.

T'Chell drops his flail, but not his shield. He readies Dodge.

They drop their axes too, thunking in the dirt before them.