We deliver & collect directly to and from your venue in the east midlands

Radio Microphones

Sennheiser G4 Channel 38 606-648mHz

Sennheiser Radio Microphone Systems are available in 4, 8 and 12 way



Hand held, head worn or lapel microphones are available for week long hires £35 per unit per week.

Trantec 8-way system



Personal monitoring

Midas DP48 Monitor Mixer

2 musicians mixes per unit

£25 per unit per week

with Clamp

stand clamp 2 hooks for headphones

and stand

adjustable height

Orchestra Pit personal monitors and mixers

Midas DP48 Personal Monitor Mixer

The Midas DP48 is a dual 48 channel personal monitor mixer that allows 2 performers to fully control their monitor mixes and hear exactly what they want and even record and playback rehearsals and performances.You can mix your own headphones or monitor without an engineer.

Ambient microphones on the DP48 mixer can be added into your headphone mix.

Mixing desks

Behringer Wing 48 channel digital mixer

Stage Boxes

Midas DL16 16 in 8 out

Midas DL32 32 in 16 out

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Delivery & collection directly to your venue £80 Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire / Staffordshire / Leicestershire etc

Please email for other areas delivery / collection costs.

Hire a Comms System

£75 Per Week

Hire other Microphones

From 5 per week - please email your requirements

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Drum screen - 4 panel

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