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We have a brand new school! Why do we need to raise funds?

Three Creeks K-8 opened for the 2017-2018 school year with 400+ of students

in Kindergarten to 5th grade. The school will expand to open a middle school (6-7th grades) for the 2018-2019 school

year and 8th grade in 2019. Within a few brief years our student population is projected to more than double.

Fundraising is critical for a new school with a growing student population. School funding is provided on a “student

based budget” where the number of students is updated once a year (October 1st) and is based on the number of

students in school on that given day (vs. based on number of students enrolled in the school during that year). With

new homes being built and new families moving into our community weekly, the number of students continues to

increase without the needed increase in funding. While our community is incredibly fortunate to have a beautiful new

school, we are still in need of many important resources and funding for our students' and teachers' success. Needs

include: additional books and access to more e-learning applications, replacement iPads and charging cords, hands-on STEM

learning tools (robotics, coding, etc) and even simple playground equipment such as soccer and basketballs.