About our PTO

What is the Three Creeks K-8 PTO all about?

What is the Three Creeks K-8 PTO? We are an organization focused on supporting the school and its students.

How do we help Three Creeks K-8? Volunteerism and fundraising are two of the major ways. We volunteer to support our teachers/staff and to provide kids with various perspectives. We raise money to help support the needs of the school (teachers, staff, students, building, curriculum, etc) in ways that the district cannot afford to or chooses not to.

What kinds of activities require volunteers? There is a need for volunteers for the various events hosted by the PTO throughout the year (Move-a-thon, Staff Appreciation, Fall Festival, Silent Auction, Back to School Night, Meet & Greet, etc).

What do I get in return for joining the PTO? Memberships are offered at a variety of different levels. The basic level is free and enables you to be a part of the PTO’s effort to support our school while the other levels provide perks (which may vary each year) and act as a means of helping fund the organization so that we can provide meaningful events, information and more to our families.

What are some reasons to consider joining the PTO?

Utilizing parents to fill the gaps – With challenging funding levels, our schools still have basic needs. As parents, we can use our time and talents to fill in the gaps. The PTO works to organize these efforts.

Kid pressure – Many kids LOVE to see their parents (or other relatives) at school because it gives them a chance to relate home and school. It can be a boost of esteem for kids to see their family members becoming engaged in their education.

Meeting other parents – A school is a community, including a community of parents. Working with other parents aids in expanding the fullness of our school community.

We’ll take whatever you can offer – Whether you are interested in helping with a single event per year or have time to dedicate to an ongoing project, the school community (via the PTO) needs YOU!

Be involved – Because we are a PTO, we have a lot of liberty to be flexible in our approach to supporting Three Creeks K-8. Have an idea that you’d like to pursue? Bring it to the PTO and let’s see if it can work.

Be “In the Know” – Attending PTO meetings are a great way to stay ahead of what is going on the school community. We specifically offer a Principal Update at each meeting to provide an opportunity to hear what is going on in the school and ask questions.