I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Maastricht University.

email: meissnet {at} gmail.com

Thomas Meissner

Working Papers

“Measuring Preferences Over the Temporal Resolution of Consumption Uncertainty”, with Philipp Pfeiffer, Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Economic Theory

"Adoption of retrofit measures among homeowners in EU countries: The effects of access to capital and debt aversion", with Corinne Faure and Joachim Schleich, Revise and Resubmit at Energy Policy

"Individual characteristics associated with risk and time preferences - A multi-country representative survey", with Xavier Gassmann, Corinne Faure and Joachim Schleich


Bosch-Rosa, C. and Meissner, T. (2020) "The One Player Guessing Game: A diagnosis on the relationship between equilibrium play, stated beliefs, and best responses", Experimental Economics (forthcoming)

Schleich, J., Gassmann, X., Meissner, T. and Faure, C. (2019) "A large-scale test of the effects of time discounting, risk aversion, loss aversion and present bias on household adoption of energy efficient technologies." Energy Economics: 80, 377-393.

Bosch-Rosa, C., Meissner, T. and Bosch-Domenech, A. (2018): “Cognitive Bubbles” Experimental Economics: 21, 1, 132-153.

Meissner, T. and Rostam-Afschar, D. (2017): “Learning Ricardian Equivalence.” Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control: 82, 273-288.

Meissner, T. (2016). “Intertemporal consumption and debt aversion: an experimental study.” Experimental Economics: 19, 2, 281-298.

Schleich, J., Gassmann, X., Faure, C. and Meissner, T (2016): “Making the Implicit Explicit: A Look Inside Implicit Discount Rates.” Energy Policy: 97, 321-331.