Computational Pathology

Journal Club

For the latest scheduling information, please contact Christina at Fuchs Lab.

Journal Clubs occur at the scheduled dates, typically Wednesday 2-3pm in ZRC 6th floor fishbowl (Z679) [this is the Zuckerman building].

Occasionally, journal clubs will be in the Schwartz building, e.g. S1132. Occasionally, Journal Club will be canceled, and in place of Journal Club we may have an informal Group Science session to discuss current work in lab. These informal Group Science meetings may take a variety of forms, including single-person presentation to discussion rotating through each person in the room. Wide discussion also occurs in a shared multi-lab Slack (request access from, see also

See also the public Group Science page, which is:

Past and upcoming journal clubs (request edit access for to write yourself into our presentation schedule):

Fuchs Lab Journal Club Spreadsheet