Thinning Hair

Losing hair and thinning hair are generally common in aging men and women. However, there can also be other causes as well. In many cases, thinning hair causes emotional problems and stress. In many cases, hair thinning is a result of some stressful event.

Researchers found that consuming alcohol, smoking & exposure to extreme climate can cause hair thinning in men. There can be various reasons for hair thinning such as lifestyle, hormone changes, thyroid problems, and certain medications.

The following are the common causes of hair thinning.


Hair loss or thinning hair from certain delayed stress occurs after months of a traumatic or stressful event such as a death of someone near & dear, physical illness, major surgery, or divorce. Experts say that such stressful events affect a large and considerable percentage of a person's hair follicles and send them into a resting phase. In simpler terms, the production of hair is stopped.

Hair loss and hair thinning as a result of acute stress can be reversed. If a person is experiencing an ongoing stressful event, he/she should consider adding mindfulness meditation, yoga, or other such relaxation practices to his/her daily routine.

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If a person deprives himself/herself of nutrients and vitamins, especially the iron and Vitamins B, the hair will certainly suffer. Experts say that when a person eats an unhealthy diet that contains excessive fat, he/she will get deposits of cholesterol plaque & thinning of blood vessels, which feed our hair follicles. As a result, the person will be impeding or obstructing the hair's ability to get an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen it needs.

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A person should maintain a balanced and healthy diet, which should include vitamin B and folic acid. They are generally found in leafy and green vegetables such as spinaches as well as cauliflower, peas, carrots, beans, soybeans, rice, nuts, eggs, bran, and oranges.

Hormones & Aging

Wonky hormones are a big reason women start losing hair. Some of the common sources are thyroid hormones, hormone therapy, birth control or contraceptive pills, and pregnancy. However, hormonal shifts are not damaging or destroying the hair follicles. The body will return to its normal state after a certain period of time and the hormone levels will also be stabilized.

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As a person ages, each strand of hair gets smaller and that affects the overall hair volume.

A person should ensure that his/her diet is protein rich that helps in building keratin, the outermost layer of the hair. People suffering from hair loss or hair thinning should consider opting for a regular diet of soy, spinach, eggs, cheese, lean meats, and fish.