Thibault Liard

Welcome to my webpage

I am currently post-doctoral researcher in Applied Mathematics under the supervision of Maria Laura Delle Monache at Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes.

I defended my PhD, directed by Alain Haraux and Yannick Privat on November 4 th 2016 , which was entitled "Observation and control for some conservative systems."

My current research consists in controlling the traffic flow evolution via moving bottleneck. More precisely, we study a strongly coupled ODE-PDE system where the PDE is a scalar conservation law and the ODE models the trajectory of a slow moving vehicle. The moving bottleneck influences the bulk traffic flow via a point flux constraint, which is given by an inequality on the flux at the slow vehicle position.

My phd work focused on the internal controllability and its cost for some linear partial differential equations.

My scientific interests are Control theory, Calculus of variations, Systems of conservation law.