Special Offers and New Stuff

"No Sweat" A Mini Class

June 4 - August 31 • Tuesday - Friday 11:30am - 12:15pm

No Charge for Members!

$165: No Sweat Class ONLY

Tired of the "working lunch"? Make your lunch hour work for YOU! Destress, relax, stretch, and enjoy a mindful, aromatherapy infused rest. Then, leave this bite-sized class refocused, rejuvenated, ready to finish the workday, but not sweaty.

11:30 - 11:40: Deep breathing

11:40 - 12:00: Light Yoga

12:00-12:15: Final Relaxation (Savasana)

That's not all! Purchase this package and receive:

-A lavender or unscented eye pillow. Use this during final relaxation.

-A Yoga Loft headband. Just in case you do get a little sweaty, these lightweight headbands are amazing at keeping sweat from rolling down your eyes, but won't give you a headache.

-Discounted Massages (See below)

-Discounts from The Healthy Hangout just below the Yoga Loft. Choose from dozens of flavors of their AMAZING meal replacement shakes PLUS your choice of energy teas (hot or cold) for $9.00. (Low cal, high protein, no sugar) Place your order before class and it will be ready and waiting with your name on it on your way out!

NEW Summer Class Passes* with loyalty special after use or expiration!

- 5 Class Summer Pass $60

-10 Class Summer Pass $75

THEN, when you run out of classes and want to join, choose your one-time* loyalty discount:

-Purchase a 3-month package and get an extra month FREE. That's $185 for 4 months of unlimited practice.


-Purchase a 6-month package at a 10% discount. That's $270 for 6 months of unlimited practice.

SUMMER PASSES EXPIRE AUGUST 31, 2019. Only one pass per person may be purchased. Cannot be combined with any other specials. Excludes couples BOGO1/2 price. As with all memberships and specials at The Yoga Loft, the full amount of the pass must be paid up front. The one-time discount you choose should you decide to join, may be used when your classes have been used or your pass expires-whichever comes first. After that membership expires, price reverts to the regular membership price. ($185 for 3 months, $320 for six months.)

NEW! Teachers 15-Class Summer Pass*! (You SO deserve this) $165

You're in the throws of it now, but it's almost over. Join the Yoga Loft with a special offer to make your summer (and the last month of school) more relaxing. (yes, that is an actual yoga pose above)

This Special Offer is just $165 and includes:

  • 15 Classes at any time on the schedule
  • One massage by Jessica
  • One FREE tea & protein shake/bowl/waffles from the Healthy Hangout (downstairs from me) Then the yoga loft discount of a $5 per shake OR tea. And $9.00 for the combo.
  • A lavender eye pillow and all other member amenities

Untie those knots and create space, peace, and relaxation in your body. ( Along with strength, flexibility, better mobility & balance, and a wonderfully relaxing 15 minute final relaxation experience.) Practice now through August 30, 2019 with this offer.

SUMMER PASSES EXPIRE AUGUST 31, 2019. Only one pass per person may be purchased. Cannot be combined with any other specials. Excludes couples BOGO 1/2 price. As with all memberships and specials at The Yoga Loft, the full amount of the pass must be paid up front.

Members Only Benefit!

Jessica Williamson, Licensed Massage Therapist is now taking appointments at The Yoga Loft. Special member pricing!

Members Only!

Jessica Williamson, licensed massage therapist is taking Thursday appointments for one-hour massages in The Yoga Loft meditation room. This is NOT a new location for Jessica. I am bringing her in so members can enjoy:

1) The convenience of scheduling a massage around yoga classes. (Booking availability permitted.)

2) The comfort of our peaceful, familiar, and convenient studio.

3) A big discount! Jessica is offering a deeply discounted rate posted only at TYL. If you're familiar with the massage process, an hour massage with Jessica means the actual massage is one hour.

4) A skilled therapist with a modest approach who takes time to understand your needs.

To schedule, call Jessica directly at (205) 860-8059. Though she will take appointments based off of our current member roster, she will handle all transactions and paperwork separately from The Yoga Loft.

Monday 5:30pm Class: Yin Yoga Tuesday 6:00am Class: A.M. Yoga

What is Yin yoga?

Yin Yoga targets the body's connective tissue, (ex: ligaments), bones, and facia. This complements the other styles of yoga we practice at TYL that target muscles, organs, the spine, the breath, mindfulness, etc. (Yang) In Yin, poses are held for three to five minutes, with the body completely released just to the "edge of discomfort". Not pain. Only as far as you can go before the onset of pain. The instructor walks through to ensure bolsters, blankets, wedges, or blocks are used for any needed support, as the yogi is to use no effort to maintain a pose.

Introducing, Eileen Leslie

Yin, Ashtanga, general yoga instructor

Introducing Rebecca

Thursdays: 5:30pm Class Slow Burn

Our newest addition, Rebecca is a sub, providing classes in Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. She also offers a popular class called Slow Burn that may sound easy, but will definitely have you sweating.

Prenatal members welcome! 7pm and 8:30am are typically the best classes for the mommy- to-be. (Beginning May 7, 2019 Morning classes will be combined for summer and will start at 9am.)

Namaste Nurses!

Thank you for what you do! Enjoy a 15-class pass for $100! No expiration.

Happy Easter!

This offer may have expired but The Easter Bunny left a few Easter eggs throughout the site like this one: Be one of the first four people to text: "I want 4 for 3" and you'll get 4-months for the price of a 3 month membership. (Does not apply to the couple or student rates. But keep looking if you fit that description.