Got Questions? Get Answers.


1) I've never done Yoga before, will I be able to keep up? Yes. Whether it's your 1st class or have been practicing for years, you will be be just fine. I teach to all levels in all classes. I have modifications to make poses available or more challenging to everyone.

2) Is Yoga a religion? No. Yoga is a scientific practice of using the mind, body, and breath to for many, improve their health, relieve pain, relieve anxiety, and promote a community of friends and support. We do not talk about religion at the Yoga Loft.

3) What do I wear? Men usually wear shorts or athletic pants and a form-fitting t-shirt if available. Women yoga pants, and a form-fitting shirt. TJ Maxx, JCP, Old Navy, Target, Amazon, and Wal-Mart all have them pretty reasonably priced. Do NOT feel like you must buy expensive clothes. No competition at The Yoga Loft.

4) What do I bring? I have everything you need!

5) What is Namaste (nah mu stay) and do I have to say it back to the teacher? Namaste is simply a way to express gratitude for practicing with me or each other. It is not a form of worship to the instructor, but by no means should you say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. That is NOT what Yoga is all about.

6) I am not flexible, can I still do this? Yoga is called a practice because the more you practice, the more flexible you become. Does accomplished mean you have to tie yourself in a knot? NO! Maybe it means that you can move from touching your thighs to your knees. Maybe it means that you start controlling your breath instead of having an anxiety attack. Maybe you start enjoying new friends. Maybe it is just a place you come to find a bit if peace in your day-- with light stretches and breathing (or laughing) with the class or sitting for an hour while in the meditation room. Maybe you go from touching your shins to touching the floor, arch your back a little deeper, open your hips up for new postures. When you walk in the door, it is YOUR practice.

7) Isn't yoga just a stretching class? What kind of Yoga do you teach? Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin, as well as a some proprietary class styles that combine all of them. Never heard of those words? Don't worry. Just know you will get some a combination of strength, cardio (from very mild to heavy), relaxation, restoration, flexibility, and balance in every class. It is NOT as easy as some people make it out to be, but for many they realize that they can do so much more than they ever imagined. The difference however in basic stretching after a workout at a gym, is that we often are stretching just what we worked out. Our body's efficiency becomes accustomed to to only stretching that way. It also becomes accustomed to the way we sit, work, etc. throughout the day. In yoga, you are opening your chest, lengthening the spine, loosening the neck, opening the hips and back, stretching the legs, twisting the body-you are opening up places in your body that have in many cases NEVER been stretched. That's why so many people say that they felt better the very first time and continue to come. Feeling good, getting out of the bed easier, sleeping better: it's addicting.

8)How much does it cost? Find pricing here.

9) How long are classes? Approximately one hour. If you have to be out in exactly one hour, please let me know at the beginning of the class. As I said, we are pretty casual and do sometimes go over, but I always make sure we end on time if we have a member who must leave on time. The first 15 minutes of class in general is a settle down, breathe and warm up our neck, shoulders, and spine.

10) Do you allow Prenatal members? Yes! I provide a variety of props for mommy-to-be members: bolsters, blocks, chairs, straps, and of course the wall or countertops! I do ask that you bring a list of restrictions and a release from your doctor.

11) Are you certified? Yes! Though it is not necessary to have a certification to teach I have several certifications, consistently continue my education, and have over 4,000 hours of classroom teaching.

12) What are adjustments? Either a verbal cue such as "try moving your arm here" or a GENTLE assist such as placing my hands on your shoulders to remind you to relax them. For the most part, I try to just gently touch the body part to clarify my verbal cues, or I act as a support for you in a balance pose. Please let me know at the beginning of the class if you are uncomfortable being touched at all by turning the permission card from yes to no.

13) What are some of the health benefits that The Yoga Loft members have experienced? I have had reports of:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Decreased anxiety and stress or ability to handle it better
  • Pain relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Improved balance
  • For the over 50 crowd, getting back that 1/4" the doctor tells us we've lost. (Though I did have someone in her early 40s tell me she gained a 1/2". I asked how much she had lost, "None, just gained a 1/2 inch." )

14) Is this a gym setting or in a gym? No this is a private yoga studio, with a peaceful setting, spa-like amenities and small classes between 2-12 participants.

15) Do you teach private classes? What if I am the only student? I teach private classes between 11am and 4:30pm as follows:

  • Members get a private lesson in their package
  • The charge for a non-member is $125 for a 90 min class. (15 min paperwork and safety instructional, 60 min class, 15 min final relaxation and aromatherapy.
  • During class times, I will teach 1 x 1 to a current member as late as the 5:30 class and the door will remain open. I do not teach one on one to to non members during the 5:30p and 7:00p classes.
  • 16) Can I bring my kids? No. The hour you spend at The Yoga Loft is all about you. Regardless of how well behaved your kids are, you will not be able to devote the hour to yourself-especially during the 10-15 minute final relaxation where you are prompted into a deep state of relaxation with an eye pillow massage, aromatherapy treatments, etc. . In addition, other parents and some of our local teachers may find it uncomfortable to practice with their kids' friends or their students.