Current Class Schedule

9:00 -10:15am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Enjoy a variety of class styles including vinyasa, Yin, deep stretch, power, and a variety of proprietary targeted sequences.

All levels welcome.

5:30 - 6:45pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Monday: Yin with Eileen

*Tuesday: Power Flow with Cindy

*Thursday: Slow Burn Yoga with Rebecca

*These are often more challenging classes, although modifications are available.

7:00 - 8:15 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

BeginnerPLUS: All levels welcome! These classes often include more instruction. More advanced? Use this time to move into the advanced version of these poses, enjoy holding poses for deep breathing, or take advantage of some restorative poses while beginners are learning!

Great class for mommies to be!

NEW: 11:30a -12:15p (June 4-August 31) Class starts promptly at 11:30

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday "No Sweat" A mini version of our restorative class held during the lunch hour,

You'll start with some deep breathing to settle in, relax,, and get focused. Then, using a mat, chair, the countertops, wall, or one of a variety of props, you'll flow into basic yoga stretches.

Final relaxation is a quiet, mindful/ meditative 10-12 minutes reclined on a mat and bolster or in a chair with your feet propped. You'll enjoy an aromatherapy experience including a lavender (or unscented) eye pillow that comes with the class package.

When you leave, you'll feel focused and relaxed, but not sweaty or sticky. We'll even give you a discount coupon everyday from the Healthy Hangout downstairs. Place your order when you arrive-grab and go downstairs when you leave