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Business Development

Business Development will be taking on a new meaning. With the current crisis going on, many companies are shifting their business strategies in an effort to not only compete, but to stay alive! This is a perfect time for small businesses to get online and sell their products to their communities.

Many people have the misconception that starting an online business will cost them a fortune. A Domain Name URL only cost $20.00-$50.00 and to host your sit cost about $25.00 a month from Shopify, Godaddy etc. Thats it!! Providing of course that you already have your regular business license and permits. You can minimize your site development by doing it yourself if you have the time. Marketing can also be done very cheaply with targeted ads on social media platforms literally for dollars a day. Allowing you to pick the area, age and gender of the people who see your ad. We offer a free consultations on how to move forward with your ideas, and can assist with some of the work. Check out our price list below.

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Website Development

here are more than 28 million small businesses in the US. If you want any hope of your own audience noticing your brand among this mass of competition, you need to stand out. We specialize in custom, engaging user experiences. We offer a full range of services to help you build your business.

You just need the right business partner.

Find out why we are the best company to help you grow your business.

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APP Development

Whether you need custom app development to promote your business, provide users with a unique service, or simplify internal processes, we have the software development experience you need. Developing an app to perform consistently well across all browsers and platforms is key to achieving widespread success. Both on-premises and from the cloud, our app developers perform rigorous scenario testing before deployment to ensure the application's functionality.

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Business APPS

Integrate your business with our apps. We specialize in custom secure business apps that are compatible with ios, android and pc. Contact us for a consultation.

Social Media Marketing

As the premier digital marketing agency, our team specializes in creating personalized digital marketing plans for local businesses and franchise networks.

Our marketing agency can help your business by:

  • Improving your online presence

  • Generating positive reviews and managing your online reputation

  • Reaching new customers through paid advertising

  • Connecting with your followers on social media

Let us handle your digital marketing needs. contact our digital marketing consultant today!

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There have been times in my life where I thought that I could not sink any lower. When family and even maybe god has abandoned us, there is still hope. Because we still have our self!!! On any given day we can lay the foundation for a whole new life. If our current path is not achieving our goals, then we must lay a new foundation, and a new life plan. The following Programs are all good for learning how to think positive thoughts and set new goals. Criminon correspondence course is exceptionally good for a person at the bottom with no goal, or plan, or idea of how to go about daily life. The others become more advanced,

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Featured Client


The Shop is a local automotive garage that I personally use on Warner Ave. I developed their app for them to help promote their shop. I enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to know the two brothers that own the place. When they are not working there they are working long hours as EMT'S. They have always been reliable to me and reasonably priced. What I liked the best was that a couple times they were willing to work late hours to get me back on the road. If you have car troubles click this link and book an appointment online.

The Shop HB

Featured Client

AL & ED'S of HB

Al & Ed's is what I thought was just audio equipment for cars. But as I developed their app I had a chance to meet with them and see their shop. I saw that they offered way more options. It appears that they also do custom work on car interior and exterior, such as lights and other custom modifications. The purpose of developing their app was to create an ecommerce site. They are offering a selection of products that you can purchase online. you can learn more about them and watch them grow.


Featured Client


Safety First is focused on Security. They can install custom garage doors and security equipment for your home or business. I got to meet them when they were installing the security camera system at a place of business. The were really fast and knew what they were doing. They are not from HB, but they are not too far away. I would recomend them for any project.

Safety First

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Download our new fully functioning prototype security app. Where you can procure security or investigative services in your area

ISU is a new security business that is seeking support and investments to get up and running. This business is not yet functioning.

Download ISU APP

Featured Client

BFD Market is an online ordering platform where you can purchase Organic Grocery Products. We offer our items in singles or bulk and our inventory is updated daily. All products can be shipped to any address in the United States. Please allow up to ten days for some orders. If you shop for Organic food this is the online store for you. BFD Market offers up to 20,000 different products.




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