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wendy gilbert



Flight to Freedom?

This piece was created as a reaction to the Immigration Crisis. People are fleeing central American countries because of dire situations. In my studio I had the image sitting near the window. The sun comes through slats creating bars. The clouds in the sky were shifting fast enough that the bars were appearing and disappearing. I though it an app metaphor for those trying to find something better only to discover themselves behind bars.


Trump'd: Living in a Time of High Anxiety


My thoughts on Guns & Schools


Based on Frida Khalo's "Girl with Death Mask" 1938. Created for Hinovations Art Gallery show "Frida in Red."

Digital Doodles

Coloring with Textures

Digital Illustrations and Gelliprint Monoprint Texture Collages - iPad Pro

Altered Reality

Digital Illustrations and Photos from Summer Travels - iPad Pro