about me

wendy gilbert

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Originally from Connecticut, I'm a middle school art teacher in the Rio Grande Valley, which is in south Texas. It's an awesome gig! I can't believe I've passed the 10 year mark! As a teacher I stress the importance of process over product.

Before going back to school to complete my BFA in 2008, I spent a couple of years working retail and then at a local TV station, first in master control and then in the sales office as the sales assistant. It was actually through those jobs that I had my first experiences as a teacher, training my fellow employees. In 2018, I completed a Masters in Educational Leadership, with the thought that I might want to eventually become a district Fine Arts director. I am also considering working on an MFA, if I can justify the cost.

my art

I recently came up with the tag line "I'm serious about art, but my art's not serious."

As an artist and teacher I am incredibly serious about the role art should have in education, in our daily life and in our community.

When you see my art it comes across as silly an nonsensical. It, actually, is also very serious. I utilize the silly imagery as a way to express deeply personal issues usually stemming from frustration, anger or sadness. It is a way for me to give a "voice" to my internal dialog in a public/not public way. To the viewer, the repeated use of imagery alludes to the possibility of a story. It is up to them to determine what that story is.

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I always have more ideas than time or energy to create them. I have consistently kept a Moleskine sketchbook of notes, ideas & sketches since 2005.