about me

wendy gilbert


Originally from Connecticut, I'm a middle school art teacher in the Rio Grande Valley which is in south Texas. It's an awesome gig! I can't believe I'm at the 10 year mark!

Before going back to school to complete my BFA, I spent a couple of years working retail and then at a local TV station, first in master control and then in the sales office as the sales assistant. It was actually through those jobs that I had my first experiences as a teacher training my fellow employees. I am currently working a Masters in Educational Leadership, with the hope of eventually becoming a Fine Arts director. I would also like to eventually work on an MFA.

my art

The teacher in me wants to make my work fun and approachable. I repeat a lot of the same imagery in order to make the viewer feel like they are looking at part of a story. It is up to them to determine what that story is.

To paraphrase my students, "Miss, your work is weird...but in a good way."