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Is Your Business Keeping Up with Evolving Mobile Search?

What percentage of your website visits come from mobile search? If you don’t know, open Google Analytics and select Audience > Mobile > Overview and then look at the Users column to determine the percent of mobile vs desktop traffic you’re receiving. My guess is that over 50% is coming from mobile.

If that’s the case, then you really need to read “Mobile Search Is Evolving—Is Your Business Keeping Up with the Changes?” by Zac Johnson. Zac leads you through the key items on which you should focus. Mobile is a different ball game from desktop and you really need to get mobile right or your conversions and traffic will suffer.

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Small Business Marketing Strategies That Can Help You Succeed

Many of the small businesses that I speak with tell me that they just can't afford to market their businesses. I truly don't understand this way of thinking. Here's what make sense to me. If you spend $100 on a Facebook ad and receive $150 dollars’ worth of business from that advertising why wouldn't you continue to invest in advertising? I believe what these folks are saying is that they are concerned that they won't receive a return on their advertising investment. In my opinion, that’s a really poor reason to not try.

So if you're looking for some marketing strategies that can help you succeed you're going to really enjoy "Marketing Strategies That Can Help Small Businesses Succeed" from The Economic Times. Within this article is a list of a few proven strategies that are helping businesses across the world to succeed, you really won't want to miss this.

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Online Reviews, Are They Valued Differently by Men and Women?

Let's start at the beginning; do you publish your reviews online? Are most of your clients’ women or men? Do you believe they respond differently to reviews?

I've talked about online reviews on my blog before, and you know how important I think they are. I have analyzed in-depth, the reaction to search listing with and without reviews and I can tell you without hesitation that the number of stars on your listing, and whether you have any, are equally if not more important than the position, provided you're somewhere on the first two pages.

Now, a new variable has been added. Jamie Pitman of BrightLocal has published an article titled "Do Men and Women Value Online Reviews Differently?" and I found it fascinating. If your target demographic is one or the other you really should read this. If your target demographic is both, you really should read this.

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Using Facebook Messenger Bots in Your Business

Have you joined the messenger bot family yet? Is there some specific reason why not?

What if anytime your business received a question your were able to respond without delay? What if you were able to capture the prospects contact information and add them to your list? As you may well have guessed, I'm asking because that's what a messenger bot can do for you. That, and so much more.

Check out this article by Ana Gotter for Social Media Examiner. Where she outlines "5 Ways to use Facebook Messenger Bots for Business" If you're not yet on the bandwagon I think you will be by the end of this article.

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Fragmentation in Local SEO Efforts Reported by Moz

Let's consider the distinction between Local seo service and National SEO? There exists a Massive difference and you must understand what has to be done to your web site if you are a neighborhood brick and mortar or local service versus someone selling services or products to every one.

With the introduction of the mobile first index it really is getting tougher and tougher to rank in the search and map results for businesses outside the local centroid. Imagine if you are a plumber in Durham, NC and you are prepared to service customers within a 25-mile radius out of your location. Well it is entirely likely that within this 25-mile radius there are 10 or even more zipcodes. If I'm on the Eastern edge of this area I will receive entirely different results from someone searching for a plumber on the Western edge of this area. Your pool of prospects is shrinking as Google provides more local results in mobile searchers.

So, what do you do? Greg Sterling, a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land offers "Moz ‘State of Local’ report shows confusion, fragmentation in local SEO efforts" as an informative source of information on what other people are dealing with the changes. This really is solid information that you need to know to compete in the search engine rankings today.

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Why You Should Use Video Marketing in 2019

I must admit, I've not yet jumped on the video marketing bandwagon. I just haven't figured it out yet. But, that doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

When I'm scrolling through Facebook, video is what captures my attention. I spend a fair amount of time in YouTube; I find video podcasts more engaging. So it's probably true, I probably should join the crowd and start video marketing in the coming year. Sometimes it seems that just as I learn one technology I need to learn another.

Anyway, I found "Video Marketing: Why You Need to Use It in 2019" by Marie Singer at Market Business News and enjoyed it. It's short and to the point and I found it well worth my time. Hope you will too.

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Prepare for Social Media Trends in 2019 | 7 Ways

How many of you had a MySpace account? I did, and I spent A LOT of time optimizing it. I don't recall ever getting a lead from it though. So here we are in 2019 and we're still optimizing our Social Media accounts. Just wondering, how's it working out for you?

Do you monitor your return on investment of both time and money? Are you generating revenue from your efforts? I'm not sure if I am, but I still do it.

One thing of which we can be certain is that there will be changes in this coming year on how we utilize Social Media and which ones will dominate. It's pretty clear that Facebook is on the ropes after their problems with sharing too much information this past year.

So what should we do? Lindsay Tigar from The Ladders has published "7 social media trends to prepare yourself for in 2019" this morning and I found it informative and helpful. I believe she is taking a realistic view at Social Media and that you might profit from giving it your attention.

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Understanding Using Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a strategy used to help increase a website's page search engine ranking position utilizing keywords, images and backlinks. By optimizing your website using the techniques outlined in this article, your website will be more apt to end up in the top search results. Find tips and techniques on how to optimize your website using basic search engine optimization strategies. Using the tactics described below you'll have your website running at its peak in no time at all.

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4 Foundations That will Help Your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed

There's a lot that you can do to optimize your website without the need of engaging professional guidance. Yeah I am aware that’s what I do but if you don't give it a try yourself, you won’t actually know if you require help.

The challenge comes when you try to find reliable and practical information on how to begin your audit. You will find there's multitude of bad information available on the internet that is contradictory and just plain incorrect.

The good news is that I’ve just read an article that provides precisely the type of advice that I’m recommending. Take a look through Danielle Savin’s fine article “4 Building Blocks to Help Your Brand’s SEO Strategy Succeed”

If you’ll put her suggestions into practice, you will see improvement in your websites overall performance.

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17 Top Rated Plugins as Well as Extensions for SEO

Are you a do it yourself website marketing type? So am I. I love trying to figure out how to improve my websites performance and I’m a sucker for the latest plugins and extensions that promise to make the web a less daunting place.

Well this week I came across an article on Search Engine Watch from Inna Yatsyna titled “17 top plugins and extensions for SEO” … Oh Joy!

Inna has gathered a group of plugins and extensions recommended by “the experts” that help you in several ways. From technical site information, speed improvement, and content optimization they’re all there.

If you’re a problem solver and love to dig in, this article is for you.