The Vine

Spring Break 2019

Hi Everyone!

This is a blog for the students going on the spring break mission trip with The Vine at Collegiate Presbyterian Church.

Our plan for the week is to do work at the Lakeshore Center and then attend The White Privilege Conference.

Saturday (3/16)

Hi Everyone!

We loaded up bright and early this morning and drove to Lakeshore Center on Lake Okoboji. After the drive we stopped for lunch at Perkins in Milford, Iowa. Yum!

Here we are in the Cottonwood Cabin enjoying Bryan's tasty chili after a tour of the camp, and hearing about the work we are doing.

Sunday (3/17)

Today our task was to pull up carpet in the chapel, since next week someone is coming to lay down new carpet. Check out our before and after pictures!

Monday (3/18)

Today we cleaned a lot of the chairs and tables in the main building. We also finished vacuuming the chapel from yesterday. Here are some pictures of the group as we are cleaning tables and chairs downstairs in the lodge.

Tuesday (3/19)

Today we cleaned up the rec room at the camp located below the chapel that we ripped carpet out of in day one. Below are some pictures of us cleaning up in there.

After we finished that we had more time, so we cleaned moved the furniture out of one of the rooms in a cabin, and painted the bedroom, and bathroom of that cabin. Below our some picture of our group painting in our beautiful green ponchos.

Wednesday (3/20)

Today we made the drive from the Lakeshore Center to Cedar Rapids. It was a good chance to drive through Northern Iowa. We stopped at a nice pizza place called Leon's pizza in Webster City.

After that we finished our drive to Cedar Rapids. For dinner we went to get burgers at a place called the Saucy Focaccia.

Thursday (3/21)

Today was our first day at the White Privilege Conference, we got to hear a wide variety of speakers. We didn't remember to take very many pictures today, so here is a picture of some members of our group at the conference, and a picture of all of us getting dinner afterwards.